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How the Harmonic Recovery System

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Harmonic Recovery System

HRS is an ultralinear gain stage that significantly improves signal transfer. Under normal circumstances, without HRS, the harmonic content of a music signal is significantly diminished when it is transferred from one component to another. How does this happen?

Think of buckets of water being carried by a highly-trained, strong man (HRS) as opposed to a poorly-trained, weak man (CD player or preamp). These buckets must reach their destination without a single drop being spilled. Sine waves, pink noise, and other typical test tones are half-filled, lightweight, easily-carried buckets which CD players and preamps can handle without difficulty. This is why these components appear to do well in test reports. Music wave forms, however, are a different matter entirely, because of their harmonic and dynamic complexity and diversity. These music buckets are large, filled to the brim, and very difficult to carry. It is this incredible complexity which makes it difficult to transfer music wave forms from one component to another and which makes HRS necessary.

A loss of musical information occurs when the difficult-to-transfer and instantaneous dynamics of music signals cause "spillage" of critical music information. If a single harmonic drop is "spilled", the overall impact and life of the music suffer noticeably. In a sense, the buckets of music water "bounce" off the receptacle the carrier is trying to pour them into because that carrier is too weak to reach over and pour them in. Generally the area most affected is low level harmonics, the information most responsible for clarity and imaging.

Without an HRS in your system, CD players and preamplifiers, with their weak outputs, have to deliver their complex music signals to a difficult dynamic load, that load being the input stage of the next component in the chain. Not only is this load complex but it is also interactive and reactive. These factors impede signal transfer by sending small amounts of current back to the CD player or preamp, further deteriorating the signal.

Enter HRS. HRS acts as the ideal receptor for this music signal. Its highly-refined, JFET front end , having an ideal impedance, is the perfect collector. The reactive, dynamic component, mentioned above, is effectively buffered out or eliminated, allowing the CD player or preamp to deliver music more accurately with far less low level harmonic loss. HRS is also the ideal retransmitter or "strong man" to get your musical signal to the next stage. The overbuilt, highly regulated output stage of HRS drives the reactive input stages of preamps and power amps easily and directly, yielding much better control and focus. In other words, this output stage is so dominant that it overrides the reactive tendencies of preamp and power amp inputs and the signal degradations these inputs cause

Thus, HRS acts as a sort of body builder for your system, allowing signals to transfer without the degradations that normally occur. The result? More information gets through, with significant improvement in low level harmonics, image integrity, and delicacy!!

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