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Vol. 10, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2007



The great, global news from Runco is the introduction of new LCD, flat-panel displays, including two 1080p models, 7 new plasmas, including a 65-inch 1080p model, two new 1080p DLP projectors, and price decreases for most of their projector and flat panel models. The prices indicated below are the latest and lowest for each model discussed. To see the latest pricing on other models, please visit our Video Displays and Screens webpage.

Runco XP-65DHD 1080p plasmaIn the plasma area, all Runco models have been upgraded to new displays and improved video processing. There are three new models with Runco's advanced video processing built directly into the main chassis. They are the 42-inch SP-42 at $4495, the 50-inch SP-50 at $5495, and the 60-inch SP-60 at $10,995. They are state-of-the-art high-definition, plasma display monitors designed specifically for outstanding performance in a wide variety of environments. These new models offer the best ever Runco picture quality, video that is superior to that found in "mass market", name brand plasma displays. All three have internal Runco video processing including 3:2 film detection circuitry. There are also three new 1024 x 768 models using Runco's external DHD controller wherein the video processing is built into a separate, external box. These are the SP-42DHD at $6995, the SP-50DHD at $8495, and the SP-60DHD at $13,995. The DHD scales video material to the 768p native resolution of the display and provides convenient source component connections in the equipment rack rather than at the plasma monitor. Additionally, the DHD controller allows advanced image quality adjustments, resulting in the most accurately calibrated image a plasma display could have. This is Runco's best level of image processing. It results in pristine images with deep black levels and artifact-free pictures. Simplified installation is made possible with all inputs going to the rack mountable DHD controller and only one video and one control connection between the controller and the display. Finally, Runco has released its largest and highest definition plasma yet, the new 65-inch, 1080p native resolution XP-65DHD at $19,995. The XP-65DHD takes picture quality to a whole new level boasting the brightest picture, best contrast ratio, deepest black levels, and most spot-on high definition color ever! In addition, sophisticated 16-bit digital video processing, a new milestone, results in 4096 steps of graduation for seamless images, completely devoid of the primitive "solarization" and "stair stepping" characteristics previously plaguing digital flat panel displays. In addition to performing all scaling and video processing functions, the included DHD with HDMI inputs provides a pure digital signal path from input to output as well as a broad array of video input choices, all available from its position in the equipment rack. This has got to be the world's reference quality plasma display!

Runco CX-46HD 1080p LCDIn the LCD area, Runco has released a new, lower cost version of their 32-inch display, the CR-32HDi at $1995. This model uses integrated (rather than removable) loudspeakers, allowing the price reduction as compared to the CR-32HD model. Most exciting, however, is the introduction of two 1080p native resolution models, the 40-inch CX-40HD at $3995 and the 46-inch CX-46HD at $5995. In addition to using superb, crystal clear TFT displays, both models incorporate Runco's VIVIX processing and all the other advanced scaling and video processing which separate Runco products from the rest of the market. The CX-40HD and CX-46HD produce spectacular high-definition images in the highest resolution available, 1920 x 1080 (1080p). These models will take lower resolution outputs from any video source and scale them all the way up to a full, 1080p image. We have a CX-40HD in the store, hooked up to the HDMI output of an ARCAM Solo Movie. (See the ARCAM section of this newsletter.) The resulting picture is the best we've ever seen in the store from a flat panel display. We invite you down to take a look and see for yourself how much better a Runco picture is than those from the typical, mass-market brands.

Runco RS-1100 1080p DLP projectorThe RS-1100 and RS-1100 Ultra DLP projectors ($11,995 and $19,995, respectively) are among a growing family of new, next generation products from Runco featuring 1080p resolution, the highest available in the consumer market. These new models boast 1920 x 1080 native resolution DLP light engines featuring Runco's powerful SuperOnyx technology for bright, pristine, high definition images. Both models' illumination systems incorporate Runco's exclusive Selectable Lamp Intensity Control (SLIC), which provides two light intensity levels to allow maximum flexibility for screen size, ambient light conditions, brightness/contrast balance, and lamp life preservation. They also have a newly-refined cooling system, which increases efficiency and reduces noise levels. Runco's advanced VIVIX digital video processing is, of course, included to enhance picture quality from standard video sources, as well as to provide artifact-free scaling of all sources up to the projectors' maximum resolution. This built-in, industry-leading image processing is key to Runco's superior pictures and what sets Runco products apart from all of the other video products on the market. The Ultra version features high-end upgrades such as O-Path light path enhancement technology, CinOptx premium grade lens options, and AxiShift multidirectional lens shift capability. CineWide is available for both models, and the CineWide with AutoScope option is available for the RS-1100 Ultra.

So, what exactly are CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope? This technology provides uncompromised widescreen reproduction of movies originally filmed in the CinemaScope 2.35:1 extra-wide aspect ratio. It maintains constant vertical height on the screen, just as in a movie theater. No resolution or image area is lost to useless black bars on the top and bottom of the screen that contain no picture information. When a viewer transitions from 1.78:1 (16:9) program material to superwide 2.35:1, the image simply gets wider while full screen height is maintained, eliminating black bars. This is done through an ingenious combination of software, electronics, and precision, anamorphic optics. With the AutoScope option, the anamorphic lens is motorized and remote controlled for added convenience. As an added benefit to the elimination of black bars, CineWide allows the projection system to use the full pixel array on its SuperOnyx DMD chips, thereby producing a 2.35:1 image with enhanced resolution and increased brightness. This is truly a cutting edge technology that is unavailable in any other brand of projector.

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