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Vol. 11, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2008


Benz Micro

Those of you who have purchased any of the truly musical and enjoyable Benz Micro phonograph cartridges from us have a personal understanding of why we so love these cartridges and find them so involving to listen to. Now Benz Micro has revamped many of their mid- and high-end models with the introduction of the new S Class designs. The S Class represents the culmination of years of research and manufacturing refinements, incorporating new materials, advancements in moving coil and suspension design, and upgraded styli on the Benz Swiss, hand-made moving coils. The Ace ($700), Glider ($1000), and Wood Body ($1500) models have all been upgraded to this new S Class level, and all three come in low, medium, and high output designs. All three models incorporate the Benz Dynascan design with Gyger S stylus geometry coupled to improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/dampers. Many of these improvements derive from developments in the newest Benz Micro flagship model, the LPS at $5000, as well as the mid-priced SLR Gullwing at $2500. If you're new to turntables and records in general, and these prices are more than you can afford in a starter system, remember that Benz Micro has a highly-rated cartridge, the MC20e2 at only $250, available in both low and high output versions. For those of you who have older Benz Micro cartridges and would like to upgrade to a newer model, remember that this company has one of the most liberal trade up and trade in policies in the industry. Just call us if you need a trade in price.

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