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Vol. 11, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2008



This time around, Conrad-Johnson has been busy introducing new, affordably-priced products that bring as much as possible of the technology of their flagship models down to lower prices. They have both a new tube preamplifier, the ET2, and a new tube power amplifier, the LP66S.

Conrad-Johnson ET2 preamplifier

The ET2 preamplifier is available either as a line stage for $3500 or with a built-in phono stage at $4250. Both moving coil (high gain) and moving magnet (low gain) versions of the phono stage are available. The ET2 is a remote-controlled, tube unit designed to serve as the control center for both high-performance audio and audio/video systems. The ET2 includes a home theater loop with a unity gain setting, making it the ideal component for listeners who want to integrate home theater into their stereos without compromising the performance of their primary music system. The ET2 uses a zero-feedback design that minimizes time-related distortions, and its single-ended, triode gain stage provides sweet, clear, Class-A amplification. Finally, a direct coupled buffer stage provides a low output impedance to insure that the ET2 can comfortably drive virtually any combination of interconnect cable and power amplifier. This circuit's simplicity pays dividends in tonal integrity and seductive musicality while offering flexibility in system matching.

Conrad-Johnson LP66S power amplifier

The new LP66S power amplifier provides 60 watts/channel of clear, spacious tube sound for $4300. Consistent with the Conrad-Johnson design philosophy of keeping circuits as simple as possible, the LP66S works its magic with just seven vacuum tubes. This amplifier uses a triode input stage and the same improved, wide-bandwidth driver stage found in their other, more costly LP series amplifiers. Each channel of the output stage is comprised of a pair of 6550s tubes operated in ultralinear configuration for an optimal combination of high power and low distortion. The absolute minimum amount of negative feedback is applied to the circuit to reduce distortion and provide a sufficiently high damping factor to control most real-world speaker systems. The input and driver stages have their own discrete power supply regulators to isolate them from the demands of the output stage. Only the highest-quality parts are used such as metal film resistors, polypropylene capacitors, and proprietary, wide-bandwidth transformers. Users who have not previously experienced the dynamic range and lifelike timbre of tube components will find the LP66S an ideal introduction to the joys of modern tube amplifiers.

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