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Vol. 11, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2008



NAD has been very busy improving state-of-the-art performance in affordable components for both stereo and home theater with four new home theater receivers, a new home theater processor, three new receiver/DVD player combos, a new receiver/CD player combo, a new CD player, and two new integrated amplifiers. With that many new products, we can't go into too much detail, but here's an overview to whet your appetite.

NAD T785 home theater receiverThe four new home theater receivers are the T755 at $1299, the T765 at $1999, the T775 at $2499, and the T785 at $2999. These models maintain NAD core values beginning with its “Music First” design philosophy, which declares that state-of-the-art music recordings remain the truest test of any playback system. NAD has also attempted to keep the user interface as simple and intuitive as possible. The modular construction technique “future-proofs” your investment via the capability for easy upgrades, fast and easy service, and improved sound and video performance through simple swapping of circuit boards. Use of the latest HDMI 1.3 chips ensures all video formats up to 1080p are supported. Also, lower resolution video sources are trans-coded to HDMI and upsampled to as high as 1080p in the T775 and T785. The Audyssey Auto-Setup and Room Calibration functions exploit today's extraordinarily powerful digital signal processing (DSP) to improve real-world sound reproduction. Audyssey auto setup is accomplished with the supplied, calibrated microphone. Simply locate the microphone at the listening position and engage the Audyssey system via a single remote-control key. The receiver automatically detects the connected loudspeaker layout, verifies correct connections, selects ideal crossover points, and adjusts each speaker's level and delay with precision that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate by ear alone. Using the calibration microphone to measure your room, a series of test tones measures each speaker's response and the room-induced distortions and then calculates an ideal response for that speaker. This advanced room correction yields more accurate tonality, dramatically-improved dialogue intelligibility, enhanced imaging and sound stage, and optimized localization of instruments. Other advanced features include support for an iPod docking station that allows you to see the iPod's data on your TV, 4-zone capability in the T775 and T785, 2-zone capability in the T755 and T765, XM-ready digital radio connections, and so much more that we just can't cover it here.

NAD T175 home theater processorThe new T175 home theater processor/preamp ($1999) contains all of the most advanced features of the new receivers without any built-in power amplifier channels. Simply hook it up to either of the two NAD multi-channel amplifiers we discussed last issue (T955 and T975) for the best possible NAD home theater system.

NAD VISO5 receiver/DVD playerHave you ever heard of a VISO? Well, we hadn't either until we saw these two, new receiver/DVD player combos at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. The $1799 VISO FIVE and $1299 VISO TWO are beautifully-sculptured, all-in-one DVD/CD Receivers that combine high-performance HD video, audio, FM/AM reception, and XM digital radio and iPod readiness. Both models deliver superb DVD picture quality with upscaling to 720p and 1080i resolutions. The VISO FIVE combines a DVD/CD player and 5.1 surround sound receiver, while the Viso TWO is a DVD/CD player and 2.1 receiver model. Both continue the NAD tradition of great sound quality, and both offer most of the advanced features discussed above for the four new receivers. They are the perfect choice if you want that performance coupled with convenience and a compact presentation.

NAD L54 receiver/DVD playerFor the same type of convenience at a more modest price and some scaling back of capabilities, NAD has upgraded the L53 to the new L54 2-channel receiver/DVD player at $699. The L54 offers the same features and high-quality 50 watts/channel as its L53 predecessor, but has an improved DVD transport and the latest digital video decoders to give an even better picture than before. Just add a couple of speakers for a music system or speakers and a TV for an audio-video system, and you're ready to go!

NAD C715 receiver/CD playerThe C715 Compact Music System ($499) is an excellent example of what happens when NAD Engineers put together three top grade components in one. The C715 is comprised of a great 2-channel amp, a CD player, and a tuner. But this isn't just a receiver/CD player combo. Connections for adding extra analog and digital devices are available both on the front panel for portable devices and the rear panel for permanently-installed sources. The front panel USB port allows you to transfer music files such as CD Tracks from your C715 to any storage device or digital music player with a USB port. These USB devices can also serve as a source for play-back on the C715. Computers, MP3 Players, and USB memory drives can be easily interfaced to the C715. This product combines compact size, great sound, and tremendous flexibility of integration for your computer-based music storage.

NAD C515BEE CD playerNAD has a well deserved reputation for producing some of the best performing CD Players in the world, especially those at low prices that other audiophile companies can't touch. Over the years, NAD CD players have amassed a stack of 5-star reviews, best buy recommendations and industry awards. They have used this knowledge to design the compact, new C515BEE, their latest entry-level offering, priced at $299. In addition to a fine set of transport and control features, the C515BEE also supports the playback of MP3 and WMA files, using the latest and best sounding decompression algorithms. This allows the playback of CD-R's burned on a PC with up to 10 hours of playback encoded on one disc. Naturally, standard CDs are played with the expected high level of fidelity thanks to the superb NAD D/A conversion and analog amplification stages. Every element of the C515BEE's circuit is carefully chosen, from the transport to the 24 bit/192kHz D/A conversion and the audio-specific analog OP Amps. The C515BEE is the perfect combination of price, performance, and features for those needing the best possible playback at the lowest possible price.

NAD C315BEE integrated amplifierAs with the C515BEE CD player, NAD has used their decades of experience to design a new, budget-priced, integrated amplifier, the C315BEE at $349. All the hallmarks of NAD technology are present, from the generously-sized toroidal power transformer and premium capacitors to the multiple regulated secondary power supplies and the heavy duty, discrete output transistors. The 40 watt/channel C315BEE is every bit as refined and sophisticated as the more expensive NAD amplifiers. It's the perfect, affordable solution for small to medium-sized loudspeakers and listening rooms.

NAD C355BEE integrated amplifierFinally, if you want the latest and greatest in NAD sound but do need more power than the C315BEE, the new 80 watt/channel C355BEE integrated amplifier may be the perfect solution. At $799, it's still quite affordable yet will drive the vast majority of loudspeakers with the same high-quality sound of the C315BEE. As with all of the NAD "BEE" products, the initials of their chief Engineer indicate that NAD has done everything their know-how permits to optimize the product's performance.

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