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Vol. 12, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2009

NEW Products


PrimaLuna aficionados will know that PrimaLuna has two lines of equipment, the original ProLogue line and the higher end and more sophisticated DiaLogue line. The first two products available in the DiaLogue line were the DiaLogue One and DiaLogue Two integrated amplifiers. PrimaLuna has filled out this line by adding the DiaLogue Four and DiaLogue Five stereo power amplifiers at $2199 and $2525, respectively and the DiaLogue Six and DiaLogue Seven monoblock power amplifiers at $4350 and $4999 per pair. The stereo models each output 42 watts/channel while the monoblock versions output 70 watts/channel. All DiaLogue models can be switched from ultralinear to triode mode on the fly using their included remote control. The unique Adaptive AutoBias circuitry allows the user to experiment with a wide variety of output tubes without any manual bias adjustment.

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Five power amplifierThe DiaLogue Four starts with the same basic topology as the DiaLogue One integrated amplifier. Further improvements are realized from new driver and phase splitter circuitry which eliminate the need for any negative feedback. This means even more natural tonality and better overall musicality. There are also improved output transformers which yield wider bandwidth and higher efficiency. These heavy-duty transformers elicit incredible detail from top to bottom, lower the output impedance, and provide the amp with greater control over speakers with difficult loads.

The DiaLogue Five has several additional improvements over the Four. These include Solen capacitors that result in an even better mid-band and wonderful clarity, fast Recovery Diodes that yield increased definition and detail, especially when the music becomes complex, and KT88 Output Tubes. PrimaLuna uses the current production copy of the legendary Genalex KT88. This tube sounds wonderful, with tremendous body and punch, while still giving you the warmth and humanity you'd expect from an all-tube amplifier.

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Seven monoblock power amplifierThe DiaLogue Six and Seven monoblocks are essentially mono versions of the Four and Five. The monoblocks, however, reach a new level of performance using a unique, dual-feedback topology: cross-Coupled current feedback for superior impulse behavior and gain stability. Next a slight amount of negative feedback is used to achieve exact gain setting, low distortion, and low output impedance. This combination effectively cancels the negative byproducts associated with both feedback circuits. The end result achieves all the benefits of feed-back, without all the drawbacks. Finally, the monoblocks integrate newly-designed, wide-band, low-loss, output transformers, built to handle even the most difficult speaker loads. A two-ohm output tap is added for additional flexibility.

While the DiaLogue models are slightly more expensive than their ProLogue counterparts, the serious performance improvements are well worth the price for those who want to take the next step upwards.

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