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Vol. 12, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2009


Rogue Audio

Rogue Audio Magnum Cronus integrated amplifierRogue Audio has developed a series of "Magnum" versions of their Titan series. These Magnum versions feature significant parts upgrades that improve performance in the Atlas, Metis or Cronus in a number of important ways. Increased transparency, greater dynamics, improved bass and high frequency response, and a smoother and more refined presentation are all part of the Magnum upgrade. The extensive power supply mods permit the use of the KT90 power tube which increases the rated output power of the Atlas and Cronus to 90 Watts/Channel. Some of these parts improvements include precision resistors and capacitors, better tubes, gold tube sockets, improved binding posts, and audiophile-grade output wiring. The Magnum Cronus integrated amplifier sells for $2195, The Magnum Metis preamplifier for $1395, and the Magnum Atlas power amplifier for $1895. Upgrades are available for owners of the standard models.

A Magnum upgrade is also now available for the Perseus preamplifier for $695. The Stereo 90 power amplifier and Tempest II integrated amplifier can be upgraded to super Magnum versions for $695 and $525, respectively. The upgraded versions of these products feature a host of premium parts and circuit upgrades that are cost prohibitive in the standard versions. These upgrade packages will increase the transparency and dynamics of your equipment and further improve performance at both frequency extremes. In other upgrade news, Rogue Audio has replaced the M150 monoblock power amplifiers with the new M180 monoblocks which sell for $5495 per pair.

Rogue Audio Athena preamplifierBased on their flagship Hera preamplifier (reported on in our last issue), the new Athena preamplifier offers reference level performance in a more compact single box design and at the more affordable price of $4995. The Athena uses four 6H30P tubes in a mu-follower configuration to provide outstanding detail and dynamics. A separate power supply which can be tucked behind your system provides power to the enormous power supplies located in the main chassis. Like the Hera, every aspect of the Athena design is aimed at maintaining near perfect signal integrity. To that end, Rogue Audio has designed a stepped attenuator that uses purely resistive elements to derive more than 120 individual volume steps. The switch itself (which is connected to a motor for remote control) is proprietary and manufactured in Switzerland specifically for Rogue Audio. All functional switching is done via heavy duty silver switches rather than being routed through a silicon chip. Capacitors, resistors, and all other critical parts are of the highest quality as well. The chassis itself is a fully machined work of industrial art that provides the mechanical and electrical isolation necessary for the incredibly low noise floor of the Athena. The ultra-sophisticated design also includes a phase invert button, balance bypass, processor loop, unity gain bypass for integration with home theater systems, and a host of other features. The designers believe that they have achieved their design goal of closely approaching the performance of the Hera in a more compact and less expensive product.

Rogue Audio Apollo Monoblock power amplifierFinally, Rogue Audio has designed a flagship power amplifier to complement their top-of-the-line Hera preamplifier. Enter the 250 watt/channel Apollo monoblocks which sell for $9995 per pair. Designed and engineered without compromise, the Apollos boast ruler-flat frequency response, tremendous bandwidth, huge dynamic range, and vanishingly low levels of distortion. The ultra-high tolerance components and huge transformers contribute to the peerless build quality. Features include on-the-fly switching between Triode and Ultralinear operation, A second standby switch which allows the amplifier to remain warmed up and ready for immediate use between listening sessions, and a rear panel with both balanced and single ended inputs. The Apollo's ability to reveal the finest musical details while providing seemingly limitless dynamics are the hallmarks of the finest amplifiers Rogue audio has ever produced.

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