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Vol. 12, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2009


Totem Acoustic

Totem Acoustic Hawk loudspeakerWe are thrilled to announce that Audio Nexus has been named as an authorized dealer for Totem Acoustic, manufacturer of beautifully-crafted and wonderful sounding world class loudspeakers.

Totem Acoustic was founded by Vince Bruzzese and has been producing these superb loudspeakers for over 20 years. It's almost axiomatic in high end audio that the most remarkable products are created by a single individual with a vision who also has a combination of advanced engineering expertise and superb hearing. Vince has all of these qualities in plentiful supply, and that's why his loudspeakers sound so spectacular.

Hear are a few of the factors that contribute to the performance of Totem Acoustic products:

  • Drivers (woofers, tweeters, midranges) - All drivers are designed, engineered, and specified by Totem, and then the actual manufacturing is done by world-class, European vendors, often with tooling paid for by Totem. This gives Totem the best possible performance and the maximum flexibility and number of choices in their driver arsenal. Each driver is a collaborative effort between Vince and the vendor, and it often happens that Vince's expertise assists the vendor in developing better manufacturing capabilities and products.
  • Proprietary, mathematical formulas - Vince has developed numerous, proprietary design formulas that allow him to get outstanding levels of performance out of his designs. One classic example of this is the amazing amount of bass that comes out of the 4.5" woofer and slender, elegant cabinet of the Arro model. No other company has access to these formulas.
  • Crossovers - Proper crossover design is tremendously important to loudspeaker performance. All Totem crossovers are hand-wired using the finest resistors, oil and foil capacitors, and air-core inductors. They never use printed circuit boards or ferrite-core inductors (as do many other manufacturers) because of the sonic degradations caused by these parts. The same parts quality is used in the crossovers of all models, from the least to the most expensive. Totem has over $5 million of resistor and capacitor inventory, just so they can always have exactly the right part for the right application. Vince can do this because he has no board of directors to tell him it isn't economical.
  • Wiring - The wiring inside every single Totem loudspeaker is unique, special, and exactly correct for its particular application. Never are the same wires used in multiple places or in multiple models, just to save money. Each and every wire, inside of each and every Totem crossover network, feeding each and every Totem driver, has been selected solely by Vince's ear and design expertise. All these wires, regardless of gauge, are 99.999% oxygen free copper, and they are all Teflon-coated. This means that these wires will never oxidize, and this will keep the electron flow unchanged for years to come. These ultra-high-grade wires have also been chosen because the copper has been drawn into wire slowly, allowing the molecular crystals to align themselves in a very cohesive fashion, once the speaker has had a proper break-in time. Wire quality does matter, and all of these measures get the most out of each loudspeaker's design.
  • Cabinets - Totem Acoustic makes its own cabinets, by hand, at its own wood shop. All veneers are hand-selected, and all cabinets are veneered on the inside, as well as the outside. This expensive procedure is used because, as the loudspeaker ages, the stresses and the pressures on the inside and outside of the cabinet remain equal. Panels won't bend or warp because of unequal pressures. All panel joints are lock-mitered as compared to the cheap V-groove assembly procedure used in most mass-produced loudspeakers. Joint stability over many years is, therefore, much better. All of this means the cabinet will have the same sound in 20 years as it does when brand new. The inside of each loudspeaker is coated with an expensive and very high-tech vibration damping material called borosilicate. This material, first designed for use in the space shuttle, gives long- and short-term results superior to the damping materials used by most loudspeaker manufacturers.
  • Synergy - Drivers, crossovers, wiring, and cabinetry are all developed with an awareness of how each will work together with all of the others to produce a synergistic design that gets the best possible total performance. Synergy yields a loudspeaker designed to reproduce music as purely, honestly, and dynamically as possible.

If all of this is starting to make you think that Totem Acoustic loudspeakers are something very special, then you're beginning to get the idea. The quantity of involving sound that comes out of these slim, compact, and elegant designs must be heard. We welcome everyone in for an audition and a very enjoyable experience!

Totem Acoustic loudspeakers start at a modest $525 per pair. You can find pricing information for all of their models on our website by going to the Loudspeakers page.

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