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Vol. 13, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2010


Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology has just introduced two new power amplifiers into its lineup, the tube-based REX Power at $15,000 and the solid state VK255SE at $7,500.

Balanced Audio Technology REX Power amplifierThe REX Power sets a new reference standard in tube amplification, thus supplanting the VK75SE/150SE as the top BAT tube-type amplifier. It can be stereo or mono, with the stereo version being easily upgradeable to a mono configuration, thus doubling the output current and wattage. This follows the heritage of all BAT tube amplifiers. However, the REX Power is different in a number of ways from any power amplifier Balanced Audio Technology has ever offered. For example, the REX has no fuses in the signal path and so provides painless, efficient operation and improved sound quality. In eight months of purposely abusive testing, driving the loudspeakers at very high sound pressure levels, BAT was only able to trigger the new, electronic protection circuit twice. There was never any damage to any of the tubes! If the amplifier goes into protection, all one has to do is cycle the power switch off and on, and the REX Power is immediately up and playing music again. What a delight; there's no more changing fuses. More importantly, the sound is simply in a different class from any amp to which BAT has ever compared it. There is a purity and dynamic quality that is evident within the first few bars of music played through it. The REX Power recalibrates what is possible in transparent, dynamically linear amplification.

Balanced Audio Technology VK255SE power amplifierThe VK255SE replaces the VK250SE and significantly improves on its sonic performance. One notices a more dynamic and textured presentation in the bass, and the VK255SE conveys an obvious sense of ease and liquidity in the midrange. There is also more air in the high treble. This is a direct result of using the Super Caps developed by BAT for the REX in the VK255SE's BATPAK. This is one of the very few finest solid state power amplifiers on the market.


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