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Vol. 13, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2010



This year Quad has released two very different new products, one in the area of cutting-edge home theater and the other in the area of classic tube amplification. These two offerings are the L-itePlus LCR soundbar at $750 and the Classic II tube integrated amplifier at $6000.

Quad L-itePlus LCR soundbar loudspeakerThe Quad L-ite home theater loudspeaker system, a 5-Star Awardee of What Hi Fi's Sound and Vision, was the very first 5.1 channel compact cinema system ever introduced by Quad. The L-ite system uses the same technology and styling of the Quad L- and L2-Series loudspeakers (see previous issues of this newsletter), but in a more compact size.

To integrate better with wall-mounted, flat panel displays and the requirements of various home environments, Quad has introduced the newest addition to its series of high performance loudspeaker systems, the L-itePlus LCR. The L-itePlus Soundbar is a perfect solution for those who prefer convenience, wall mounting, and simple, integrated design over full-sized loudspeaker systems with separate speakers for all three of the front channels. The Soundbar can be conveniently mounted horizontally below or above your flat-panel TVvia the key slots at the rear of the speaker cabinet. Boasting a two-way, magnetically-shielded design incorporating Kevlar shielded bass drivers and a high frequency dome tweeter for each channel, the Quad L-itePlus LCR is guaranteed to offer solid and detailed performance. (The left and right modules each have one woofer while the center channel module uses two.) The L-itePlus can be used alone as a 3.1 channel system or matched with the L-ite satellite speakers and subwoofer to create a complete 5.1 system. Each LCR speaker channel works via separate input terminals and is ready for multi-channel amplifier output connections. The entire soundbar is only about 40 inches long, 5 inches high, and 4 inches deep. True to the Quad traditional, high-class build quality, this system is finished with the same seven-layer piano gloss lacquer used in the rest of the company's loudspeakers. More important than the beautiful finish, however, is the fact that the L-itePlus is not just another mediocre soundbar where convenience and discreet appearance are more important than sound. This soundbar produces the same, high-quality sound we've come to expect from Quad loudspeakers, making it one of the most desirable systems in its class. The August 2010 issue of Home Theater magazine reviewed the soundbar in combination with the L-ite subwoofer and L-ite mini-monitors for the rear channels to create a complete 5.1 system. They rated the system 5 starts for performance, 5 stars for value, and 5 stars for build quality. But that's what you'd expect from a company with the long and venerable history of Quad

Quad Classic II integrated amplifierThe Quad II integrated amplifier is a 21st century reprise of the original integrated amplifier first introduced by Peter Walker in 1953. This version uses modern construction techniques, materials, and parts while remaining true to the original's philosophy of simplicity in design. This ensures that the sound produced will have the same wealth of tone and gentle sound of the original version. The output from this amplifier is pure Class-A for a gloriously refined sound. All parts are of the highest quality and are either manufactured in the United Kingdom or imported from various high-end manufacturers. The built-in phono section can accept inputs from moving magnet or moving coil cartridges and is located in a separate, shielded section of the chassis. Output power is pure Class-A, 25 watts per channel.


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