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Vol. 14, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2011



NAD has introduced impressive new products for both home theater and stereo applications.

NAD T775HD2 AV receiverIn the home theater area, there are three new A-V receivers. When NAD first introduced their Modular Design Construction (MDC) home theater receivers and home theater preamp/processor several years ago (see issue No. 11), the promise they made was that they would release updated audio and video modules as new technologies matured. The concept was that, as technology rapidly advanced in the home theater arena (as it perpetually does), NAD owners shouldn't be stuck with products they were proud of a few months ago but which had rapidly become obsolete. The modular approach was also designed to allow NAD to update rapidly to new technologies in a much shorter time than would be required for a complete redesign of each receiver. The value of this approach was first proven, and the promise was first kept when NAD released HD versions of three of those receivers and the preamplifier/processor a year later (see issue No. 12). Now the modular design approach has again proven its value with the introduction of two new receivers, the T765HD2 at $2499 and the T775HD2 at $2999, and the T175HD2 preamplifier/processor at $2999. Thus, to exemplify the type of improvement found in the HD2 series, it has been very simple for NAD to make the jump to HDMI1.4 with an updated video module. Best of all, there has been no price increase in these models as compared to their predecessors, and owners of those previous models can easily update to the new standard by having the latest modules installed. Have you just bought a 3-D projector or flat panel? No problem, the new HD2 video module will make your NAD receiver completely compatible with your new video product.

NAD T757 AV receiverNAD has also just released a new, lower-priced MDC receiver, the T757 at $1599. This 7-channel, 60 watt/channel model can also be upgraded to accommodate future technology, just like its more expensive siblings. The T757 supports all popular surround sound formats and the latest digital video technology, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio as well as, 3D video at resolutions up to 1080p. NAD has also constructed a very user-friendly interface for setup and use of the T757 to allow access to every feature without confusion. The customer's settings for each individual source component are memorized, while simple custom setups allow for different types of programming to be tuned to a particular preference. In addition to all these great features, the T757 provides the option of connecting an iPod through NAD's iPD-2 Docking station. The iPD-2 provides seamless, on-screen display and navigation of your iPod's digital music collection. The T757 reveals its heritage with immense depth, clarity, and incredible detail. Ordinary AV receivers simply sound flat in comparison. Other T575 features include:

  • Popular surround sound formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio, are decoded using the latest generation, high-speed Digital Signal Processing.
  • The T757 offers killer performance with the latest digital video technology, including 3D video at resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Analogue video sources are also supported on HDMI by conversion to a digital stream. This allows simple, one-wire connection to your flat screen or projector.
  • Inputs can be renamed to match your particular components to simplify use.
  • A second independent zone is included and can be powered by the internal amplifier.
  • A high-quality and sensitive AM/FM tuner yields excellent radio reception.

In the stereo arena, NAD has three new products, the C356BEE integrated amplifier, the C426 AM/FM tuner, and the VISO Three all-in-one receiver/CD player.

NAD C356BEE integrated amplifierNAD's new C356BEE integrated amplifier ($799) exemplifies the company's desire for continual improvement. They have refined the previous C355BEE's performance and added more value to the C356BEE design by applying knowledge gained from their top-of-the-line Amplifiers. Able to drive the most complex loudspeakers to their full musical potential, the C356BEE can challenge amplifiers costing two to three times more. With features like Preamplifier Outputs and Modular Design Construction, this product can be customized to suit your specific requirements. The C356BEE offers improved performance and flexibility over the previous model at no increase in price.

NAD C426 tunerThe C426 FM/AM Tuner builds on the strengths of previous NAD tuners and offers reception quality worthy of today's broadcasts. They have carried forward their highly-sensitive RF Front End for cleaner reception in fringe reception areas with the result that noise is extremely low across the audio spectrum. The rear-panel IR Input and RS-232 port allow the C426 to be integrated easily with sophisticated system controllers used in custom installation. The C426 also has one of the most intuitive user interfaces available and uses a 24-position, rotary encoder knob to tune stations or select preset stations more quickly. The C426's features include:

  • RDS data service for FM that Shows Station name and Radio text
  • 8-Character preset naming capability for AM and non-RDS stations
  • 30 Station presets for AM or FM
  • Vacuum fluorescent display with 3-position dimmer
  • Sleep mode
  • MOS-FET RF Front End

NAD VISO Three compact music systemThe compact VISO Three Music System ($899) proves that really great sound does not have to come from an intimidating stack of complicated equipment. As the world's biggest sounding small music system, the VISO Three delivers NAD's performance and quality in a complete all-in-one package. Multiple digital music formats are supported in this stylish CD player, FM/AM tuner, stereo amplifier system. The VISO Three delivers stunning dynamic contrasts that bring your music to life, thanks to a high current output stage and power supply. The VISO Three system is easy to position, set up and use. You can enjoy all your music sources in one compact system with straightforward features and functions. Access your digital media from your iPod or iPhone with the included iPod dock or from a USB drive using the convenient USB input. The VISO Three supports popular music formats, including MP3, CD, CD-R, and WMA.

The VISO Three has loads of NAD performance, including a high current output stage and power supply to deliver stunning dynamic contrasts that bring your music to life. NAD is well-respected for its CD Players, and the CD section of the VISO Three includes all of the performance and features of their separate players. High performance DACs and audio parts throughout the design ensure optimal performance from your favorite CDs. FM radio is also excellent, pulling in distant stations and making local stations sound as good as your own CDs. AM is included, and it's not an afterthought as in many products these days. As mentioned above, the VISO Three Music System also includes NAD's iPD-2 iPod Dock. This convenient interface is iPhone certified and ready to display song and artist information on the VISO Three front panel display while it recharges your iPod.

By combining all your music sources into one compact system, everything you need is cleverly integrated and operates with one remote control. The NAD philosophy of simplicity means that they only include what's essential and eliminate features with dubious benefits. This means that they spend more on improving musical performance. The VISO Three features include:

  • 50 watts/channel of clean, great-sounding power
  • Plays CD, CD-R, MP3, and WMA
  • CD Modes include track programming, Repeat, A-B Repeat, and Shuffle Play
  • USB Input for music playback from USB Memory Stick
  • FM/AM RDS radio tuner with 30 Station Presets
  • Included dock for iPod with remote control, recharge, and song display


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