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Vol. 14, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2011



This year Runco has introduced both a new product line of ultra-thin, flat-panel displays called Vistage and new models in their LightStyle front projector lineup. They have also unveiled their first 3-D projector.

Runco Vistage ultra-thin panel TVThere are two models in the Vistage line, the V-50 50-inch 1080p plasma at $5995 and the V-63 63-inch 1080p plasma at $9995. These unique, ultra-thin, flat panel displays combine elegance, beauty and unparalleled customization with the outstanding video performance synonymous with Runco. Setting Runco Vistage displays apart from other thin panels, the entire front of each display is comprised of solid glass, creating better image performance when the display is on and a more uniform finish when it is off. Beyond its sheer beauty, the solid glass front improves optical performance of the flat panel because there are none of the surface uniformity issues common with the acrylic or plastic surfaces used on other TV's. Going one step further in creating the ultimate aesthetic, Runco's Vistage Series' fanless design has no unsightly vent patterns on the back to distract from the beauty of the display. The Vistage Series also uses an Emissive Cell Structure that delivers exceptional brightness and viewing angles. Using a proprietary algorithm, each sub-pixel is individually modulated to turn on or off based on the content being played. This creates exceptional contrast and black levels previously unachieved in the industry. The Emissive Cell Structure performs best in light-controlled environments and offers amazing black levels and dark-content performance. Because the light sources turn off for black content and because so much content is black, the Runco Vistage Series also offers incredible operating efficiency. Gorgeous and very sleek, the Runco Vistage Series displays measure only 1.7” thin. The unique halo-shaped table stand offers a simple slim tube supported by a modest oval that sits on top of any flat surface that completely conceals all cables. The Vistage Series ships with the new DHD-LS, an ultra-slim 1.6-inch tall video processor. The Runco DHD-LS allows connection to multiple sources, and its elegant design includes an all-glass front that complements the sleek design of the Vistage Series. For those looking for 3D support for their flat panel displays, Runco will be offering Active 3D support on Vistage flat panel displays using an optional 3Dimension processor, emitter, and glasses kit uniquely designed for this product line.

The LS-HB (High-Bright) projector opens up new location possibilities in the home because it excels outside of the dedicated home theater, where environmental factors such as lighting are not easily controlled. Runco's LightStyle LS-HB is a single-chip 1080p projector that has been designed specifically for installations in living rooms, media rooms, and entertainment spaces in the home. These so-called “Flex-Theaters” are spaces where big-screen entertainment is only a portion of the room's purpose. In Flex-Theaters, environmental factors such as sunlight and shadows can challenge even the highest-performance front projection systems. The LS-HB joins Runco's LightStyle solutions to deliver acceptable video performance in bright environments where clients wish to entertain or spend time with their families enjoying movies. The LS-HB boasts flawless, 1080p full high-definition imagery and combines Runco's state-of-the-art DLP-based SuperOnyx technology. It delivers a very bright picture that measures 2,700 lumens in high-brightness mode. It also incorporates the ISF ™ (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance, including ISF Day and ISF Night presets, all of which further enhance the flexibility of installation and use. The LS-HB features Runco's legendary internal video processing for exceptional scaling and analog-to-digital signal conversion. The LS-HB projectors are available with Runco's CineGlide ™ lens solution that enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35: 1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for perfect Cinemascope reproduction. CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from 16: 9 content to 2.35: 1 content, without black bars on the top or side of the image, with the touch of a button. The LS-HB also has numerous, exciting custom decor options.

Runco LightStyle 10 projectorThe LS-10i and LS-10d are both 1080p 3-chip DLP projectors. These Runco LightStyle projectors combine state-of-the-art 3-chip 1080p DLP-based SuperOnyx technology with Runco ConstantContrast and Vivix image enhancement. Proprietary Runco video processing is incorporated to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast levels. Both LS-10 projectors incorporate the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) calibration suite for optimal performance in any room, making them ideal for rooms other than the dedicated home theater. The LS-10i features Runco's cutting edge internal video processing for exceptional scaling and analog to digital signal conversion. The LS-10d ships with their award-winning, Digital High-Definition (DHD) external video processor offering the same processing and scaling as well as IR and RS-232 remote control. It also enables individual display calibration through the controller. The DHD offers advanced connectivity options as well as installation flexibility because it can be located next to all other source components with a single-wire connection from the DHD to the projector. Both LS-10 projectors are available with the same CineGlide lens solution described above for the LS-HB. There are also numerous decor and lens options available.

Runco D-73d projectorThe new D-73d projector is based on an evolution of Runco's award-winning lampless LED technology. Runco's InfiniLight boasts a significant reduction in power consumption, a mercury-free illumination system, and InstantOn. This last instantly produces an image, and eliminates the need to put the projector in standby mode. These breakthroughs combine to create an energy-efficient solution with high reliability.

Current 3D technology relies on the viewer wearing a set of glasses designed to filter a separate image to each eye. The illusion of depth is, thereby, created by sending a slightly different image to each eye. The human brain processes and combines these two images into one complete picture creating the perception of depth. The new D-73d 3Dimension projector uses Runco's Constant Stereo Vision (CSV) technology, an incomparable 3D visualization architecture. Runco CSV is based on the human brain and eye physiology (called stereopsis) and mirrors it precisely to create perceived depth with a constant HD image to each eye. CSV also reduces eye fatigue compared to other 3-D systems on the market. Runco's 3Dimension Series models are paired with passive glasses that have a unique design unavailable to other manufacturers. These glasses are formulated for precise stereo separation using a method called PreciseLight. In contrast, time-sequential-based 3D display systems, like those found on 3D televisions from other companies, flicker the image on and off, which degrades the 3D effect and results in eye fatigue and discomfort. Such active glasses are more expensive and turn black every other frame (or more frequently). Such glasses need a transmitter that is synced to the frame rate. If you are out of range of the transmitter or have any obstructions, the image may stutter, or the entire system simply may not work. On the other hand, the concept for passive glasses paired with CSV is very simple. Project the same images to both the left eye and the right eye simultaneously, and then use Runco's proprietary passive glasses to show the dedicated image to its intended eye without sacrificing refresh rate or introducing flicker. The D-73d projector comes with six pairs of glasses, and additional pairs are available. Prescription options are also offered.

3Dimension Series projectors produce both exceptional 3D and 2D content. This is important because it is estimated that 2D content still comprises more than 90 percent of the material viewed in home theaters and private cinemas.

Furthermore, the D-73d outputs more perceived brightness than other 3D solutions because of the proprietary Runco LED technology and its ability to create exceptional chromaticity. The D-73d is 60% brighter than the specifications would indicate and can be used in similar environments and in similar screen dimensions as other projectors that claim they are 1.6 times as bright as the D-73d. The D-73d ships with the new 3Dimension processing system, which includes an upgraded, award-winning Digital High-Definition (DHD4) external video processor. The new DHD4 offers the most advanced alignment in Runco history, allowing for ultra-precise installation geometries, more extreme installation scenarios, and the removal of any pin-cushion effect that can be caused by 2.35: 1 scaling. The D-73d 3Dimension Processing system not only provides exceptional scaling and processing with the DHD4, but also decoding and playback of 3D content in compliance with the HDMI 1.4 standards. Just like the human brain makes sense of three-dimensional content, the 3Dimension processor ensures that the whole solution works as an integrated system.

Because the projection screen is a huge factor in accommodating both 2D and 3D viewing, Runco has rated home theater screens on their ability to produce 2D and 3D content on a scale it calls PISCES: Polarized Image Sequence Conservation and Enhancement Standard. Specifications and testing criteria include: image quality, polarization preservation (extinction ratio), viewing angle, and brightness for home theater for both 2D and 3D content on the same screen. Runco makes its PISCES rated screen list available to authorized Runco dealers so they can specify the best screen for every home theater application.


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