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Vol. 15, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2012



This year NAD has introduced so many new products and product upgrades that it's impractical for us to give you detailed information on all of them. These new offerings include the T748 AV receiver ($700), T777 AV receiver ($3000), the T787 AV receiver ($4000), the T187 AV processor/preamplifier ($3000), the C356 DAC integrated amplifier with built-in DAC ($900), the C375 DAC integrated amplifier with built-in DAC ($1600), the C390DD Direct Digital integrated amplifier ($2600), The C446 Internet/Am/FM tuner/media player ($800), the C546BEE CD player ($500), the DAC 1 Digital-to-Analog Converter ($300), and the Viso 1 stand-alone, digital music system ($600).

Here's a summary list of what's new to whet your appetite. You can get more details of any of the products that interest you from the NAD website.

  • NAD T748 AV receiverT748 - This model replaces the T747 and comes in at a substantially-reduced price over that prior model. It represents NAD's commitment to get their performance quality to as many users as possible. It is a single-zone, 7-channel unit at 40 watt/channel with all channels driven, 80 watts/channel in stereo. It supports HDMI 1.4 and 3D formats. We guarantee you won't find any other receiver that sounds remotely this good for anywhere near its price.
  • NAD T777 AV receiverT777, T787, and T187 - While most of the audio and video performance of NAD's AV receivers and AV processor are contained within their MDC (Modular Design Construction) modules and can, thus, be installed in prior receiver models, a few other changes have been made to the main chassis, including an updated user interface, inclusion of seven HDMI inputs with faster switching, two HDMI outputs, one with Audio Return Channel (ART), full HDMI 1.4 and 3D support, IP (Internet Protocol) control capability, and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC). Additionally, the two receivers have upgraded power amplifier sections.
  • NAD C375 DAC integrated amplifier with built-in USB DACC356 DAC and C375 DAC - These two integrated amplifiers are the same as the C356BEE and C375BEE models, except that a built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter MDC module is included. This allows users to connect a computer directly to the amplifier using a USB cable, thus greatly improving sound quality. Other digital devices such as CD players with digital outputs can also be connected for improved performance. Owners of the C356BEE and C375BEE can purchase this same MDC module for $250.
  • NAD C390DD Direct Digital amplifierC390DD - This purely digital integrated amplifier is essentially a lower power version of the highly-acclaimed NAD M2 direct digital amplifier. It brings the performance capabilities of the M2 down to a more affordable price range. For those unfamiliar with the M2 (and, now, the 390DD) technology, the circuitry is completely digital all the way from the inputs to the power DAC outputs, where the digital signal is converted to a high power analog output used to drive the loudspeakers. Thus, all processing, filtering, switching, etc. are done in the digital domain. So, unlike other amplifiers which may have a digital input as part of a built-in DAC, the C390DD (and M2) do not convert the digital signal to analog until the very end of the signal chain where the output power must be generated. This prevents degradation of the digital signal and results in a much purer sound.
  • NAD C446 Internet/media tunerC446 - This product is a combination of an AM/FM tuner, an Internet tuner that lets you easily play thousands of Internet radio stations from all over the world through your audio or home theater system, and a media player that lets you play music stored on a computer, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive and on portable devices such as Android phone or iPhones, iPods, or iPads. The C446 attaches to your home network either with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Once so connected, it can locate and access all music stored on your computer, NAS, or portable device, even accessing portable devices wirelessly, if they are Bluetooth enabled. It does this using a UPP (Universal Plug and Play) Client. The portable device can also act as a remote control that allows you to see the available music stored on your network and control what is being played. The C446 can also access music on a thumb drive that is plugged into its USB port. There are also analog and digital inputs for other devices.
  • NAD C546BEE CD playerC546BEE - The C546BEE replaces the C545BEE with every aspect of sonic performance having been substantially enhanced and refined. In addition to the C546BEE having more attractive cosmetics, its circuit layout and component choices have been extensively updated. The cumulative effect of these changes is dramatic, improving low-frequency slam and extension, while maintaining the musical pace and timing for which NAD CD players are renowned. Image depth and scale have also been enhanced over the C545BEE. Some of the advanced features include the ability to play CD-R and CD-RW disks which are MP3 encoded, a very advanced and superior sounding digital output which is buffered and transformer-isolated to reduce jitter, use of 24-bit high-resolution Wolfson DAC converter chips for excellent low-level linearity and detail retrieving capabilities, and use of superior metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors. It's wonderful to get all of this extra performance with no price increase.
  • NAD DAC1 USB DACDAC 1 -This is a very affordable wireless USB DAC that lets you transmit music from your computer to your audio system wirelessly, without a Wi-Fi network. Just plug the USB transmitter into your computer's USB port, plug the DAC receiver into your audio system with a pair of RCA cables, set the channel on the DAC 1, and you're ready to go. (The DAC 1 has three channels, so you can transmit from three different computers to your audio system with just one DAC receiver.) In addition to playing the music stored on your computer, you can also play any audio source on your computer such as Internet radio stations, and streaming music services such as Pandora and Spotify. The DAC 1 is a great way to improve vastly your computer's sound without breaking your budget.
  • NAD Viso 1 wireless iPod dock/media centerViso 1 - Is this just another sound dock like so many others flooding the market? If it were, it wouldn't be an NAD. The Viso 1 was designed with the express purpose of being the best in its category. This is far from just being a pretty box containing cheap Chinese electronics and speaker drivers. NAD took the sophisticated Direct Digital technology from their M2 and C390DD amplifiers (see above) and scaled down the power output for the Viso 1. There's no loss in performance. Since the Viso 1 is completely digital, music is transferred from your portable device in the digital domain, thus bypassing the poor quality electronics in all such devices. The loudspeaker section was then created by master designer Paul Barton of PSB who spent weeks designing it at Canada's National Research Council. Putting these kinds of materials and resources into a $600 product like this is unheard of in the industry. The Viso 1 can stream music wirelessly from most Apple and Android portable devices. So, whether you plug your portable device directly into the Viso 1 or stream music to it wirelessly from across the room, you will get sound quality like nothing else available from any other sound dock.


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