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Vol. 15, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2012


PS Audio

What if you could power your audio or home theater system with absolutely pure, undistorted, well-regulated, and low source impedance 60 Hz AC current instead of the unregulated, high source impedance, distorted and noisy AC power that currently (no pun intended) comes out of your wall outlets? Do you think that might improve your system's performance?

You'd better believe it would!

Line conditioners have attempted, with varying degrees of success, to provide cleaner AC for your system by filtering out radio frequency noise and other forms of contamination, but PS Audio has a better way to do this with their three Power Plant models, the P3, P5, and P10.

These products are not classic line conditioners but rather are power regenerators. They take the poor quality AC that comes out of your wall outlet and immediately convert it to DC. Since DC is, by definition, zero Hz, it cannot contain any distortion or high frequency contamination, and all such spurious contamination is completely gone. The pure DC is then used by the amplification circuitry contained within the Power Plant to produce, right in your listening room, the highest possible quality AC, 60 Hz, high-current power needed to run your system. This freshly-generated, pure power is made available to your system via the power outlets on the back of the unit.

The P10 ($4995) is PS Audio's most advanced model and provides up to 1500 watts of regenerated power to 10 outlets in 5 isolated zones. With your system powered directly from the pure output of the P10, dynamics and openness are breathtaking. New voices, new harmonics and a renewed sense of musicality are yours the moment the P10 starts up.

PS Audio P5 power regenerator

The P5 ($3495), PS Audio's most popular model, provides up to 1250 watts of regenerated power into 4 isolated zones and 8 outlets. Its performance is very similar to the P10, and it is more than adequate for any but the largest systems.

Both models have a built-in oscilloscope, distortion analyzer, and full color touch screen on the front panel to give you the ultimate in control. You can view both the incoming and outgoing AC wave forms to see how much distortion is being reduced. You can control various aspects of each zone such as how and when a zone powers up, and you can even control the power plant via the Internet and a web browser.

Their newest and most affordable model is the P3 ($2495) which provides up to 750 watts of regenerated power into three zones of 6 outlets. In addition, there is a fourth pair of filtered (but not regenerated) outlets for very large power amplifiers. The P3 can power most small and medium size systems using only the 6 regenerated outlets but also allows the user to employ very large power amplifiers or subwoofers. These can be plugged into the filtered outlets without overloading the regeneration circuitry. While the P3 does not feature a touch screen it does have the exact same feature set as the P5 and P10 using its built in web access portal.

Here's what one of our best customers, Jack Foley, said after installing his new P5:

Ken, when you called me to encourage me to add a PS Audio P5 Power Plant, I was unhesitant since I always trust you and Gerry and your recommendations. So, as you know, I immediately purchased the component and set it up this weekend as soon as I got home. The world changed, in a good, very good way. I have NEVER heard my Vandersteen 5A speakers EVER sound as articulate, dimensional, deep and delicate as I did when I powered up the P5 and played some music.

Every kind of music was affected: Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bill Evans, Telemann, Peter Green, My Morning Jacket, Danny O'Keefe, Beach House, The Band, Van Morrison, Tom Rush, Chris Smither, Dan Hicks, The Doors, Mark Knopfler, etc. It just didn't matter what the musical genre was, the results all around were astounding.

I heard things in some of these recordings, which I have been listening to for years (decades), that I NEVER heard before. Robbie Krieger's guitar work in Soft Parade was surprising in that I never heard him play picked and strummed details to compliment Ray Manzarek's jazzy organ performance in the song. Riders on the Storm was new in its sound, elegant and even more eerie, and Jim Morrison's voice was awesome. The delicacy of Neil Young's acoustic guitar in his anthology collection was in-the-room aural fidelity. The bass in Tom Rush's Driving Wheel was rich and smooth, and the two gentle guitars were magnificent. The crazy vocals and back up instruments in Dan Hick's Sweetheart was like having the diva singing in the room too, and all the instruments spoke clearly and individually, no smeared, blurry mess. Amazing fidelity and richness in all instrument presentation.  At one point in my listening session I found myself looking around for a phone which was a new sound coming out of a Chris Smither song I was very familiar with. The other amazing element is the gentleness of the sound that balances so beautifully with the rich deeper bass playing. And vocals are delicate, distinct and real and very nuanced. I am profoundly amazed by the Power Plant. It has given me a new system, in a way. Without a doubt, my system is so improved aurally that it is not the same one I have been listening to over time. I am totally grateful to Audio Nexus for making the call to get me to spend the best money I have spent on my entire system. The P5 has actualized my entire systems unused, unheard potential and fully realized my speakers' capabilities which are greater than I ever could have imagined, and they were impressive in the past.

PS Audio is too humble about broadcasting the P5's excellence. Every high end system owner should, must, own this component otherwise they are missing out on the true capabilities of their listening experience and their investment.

PS Audio PWD II Perfect Wave USB DAC

While waxing enthusiastic about the Power Plants, we shouldn't forget to mention that PS Audio also produces several other high-end and very respected audio components. These include the GCPH phono preamplifier ($1000), the PWT Perfect Wave CD Transport ($3995), and two USB Digital-to-Analog Converters (USB DACs), the Digital Link III ($800) and the PWD II Perfect Wave DAC ($3995). You can read more about these excellent products on the PS Audio website.


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