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Vol. 16, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2013

NEW Products


PrimaLuna has introduced the DiaLogue Premium line of products as an updated and more sophisticated replacement for the previous DiaLogue series. There are three products, the DiaLogue Premium preamplifier ($3199), the DiaLogue Premium power amplifier ($3199), and the DiaLogue Premium integrated amplifier ($3299).

The DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier is a dual-mono designed preamplifier, and weighs a surprising 53 pounds. Much of that weight comes from the pair of heavy-duty power transformers (one per channel) that provide increased control and detail. In the unlikely event that one of the transformers should overheat, DiaLogue's innovative new PTP-circuit cuts the primary power, allows the unit to cool down, and then resets itself. However, unquestionably the most significant feature is the front end circuit. It starts with the advanced circuit found in the ProLogue Premium and DiaLogue Three preamplifiers but then takes it to new heights by using three 12AU7 tubes per channel instead of two. As a result, bandwidth and resolution receive a significant boost. Just as important, the additional tube in each channel cuts the preamplifier's output impedance to only 256 Ohms. This improves compatibility with long cable runs and with power amplifiers of lower input impedance. Distortion levels in the first stage have dropped very significantly over the previous model. Of course, the highest grade parts are used throughout. These include silver-coated, continuous-crystal, oxygen-free copper wiring with a Teflon dielectric in all critical circuit paths, SCR tin foil capacitors made in France, and Takman resistors made in Japan. A special AC-offset eliminator (another PrimaLuna exclusive) reduces transformer hum and makes the preamp as absolutely quiet as possible. So all that you'll hear out of this unit is pure and beautiful music!

All of the advanced circuit design elements and quality parts described above are also part of the design of the DiaLogue Premium power amplifier. In addition to that, there are other features specific to PrimaLuna power amplifier designs. These include Adaptive AutoBias so you never have to adjust the bias of the power tubes, a switch that quickly optimizes the bias for EL34 or KT88/KT120 tubes, and another switch which changes from stereo to mono-block operation and doubles the power. There are also bad tube indicators for each power tube, the OTP-circuit which protects the output transformers from a tube failure or accidental short circuits caused by the user, and a +B relay which replaces plate fuses for better protection against bad tubes and better sonics. Of course, all of the advanced features from the original DiaLogue power amplifiers are also present.

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium integrated amplifier

The DiaLogue Premium integrated amplifier has all of the same design refinements, features, and premium parts as described above for the preamplifier and power amplifier. The integrated amplifier also has a subwoofer output for those subwoofers which only have a line level (RCA) input. If you want the superb performance and build quality of those products at about half the price of the other two combined, the DiaLogue Premium integrated is the perfect solution.


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