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Want to understand more about turntables and phono cartridges? Our Turntable Basics will get you there quickly.

How to set up and use a Music Server that can hold your entire music collection.

How to get started building your Stereo or Home Theater system

Vol. 18, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2015



Clearaudio Concept Wood turntableClearaudio has taken their tremendously successful entry-level Concept turntable and their step-up model, the Performance DC, and made them available with several different tonearm models. These give the user more flexibility in their choice of phono cartridge and the option to improve sonic performance.

The Concept normally comes with the magnetic bearing Verify tonearm at $1400. The Verify is best suited to cartridges that track at somewhat higher forces, generally 2 grams and above. If one wishes to use a cartridge that prefers a lower tracking force or if one is placing the turntable in a location where the floors are not rigid, then a better tonearm choice would be the Satisfy Black. This tonearm uses a more standard mechanical bearing and will work better with lighter tracking cartridges and floppy floors. The Concept/Satisfy Black package is $1600. There is also an upgraded version of the Concept itself called the Concept Wood. This model has a chassis made of Baltic birch instead of the standard MDF. This has both cosmetic and sonic advantages, being a denser and less resonant material. The Concept Wood with the Satisfy Black tonearm comes in at $2200. Finally, there is another version of the Satisfy called the Satisfy Carbon Fiber. This uses a carbon fiber arm tube instead of one comprised of aluminum. The superior acoustic properties of carbon fiber result in a less colored and more spacious sound. The Concept Wood/Satisfy Carbon Fiber package runs $2400.

Clearaudio Performance DC turntableThe options for the Performance DC turntable are slightly different. The base model comes with the Verify Carbon Fiber tonearm for $3000. The carbon fiber arm tube used here has the same sonic advantages as described above for the Satisfy Carbon Fiber, but the magnetic bearing assembly has the same requirements as that for the standard Verify tonearm. That is, this arm is best suited to higher tracking phono cartridges used in environments where the floor is stable. There is also a package using the Clarify tonearm at $3600. This arm also has a magnetic bearing and has several more advanced features such as a more sophisticated and rigid 1-piece headshell and low center of mass counterweight for improved sonics. It is, once again, best suited to higher tracking force cartridges and environments with stable floors. For those using lower tracking force cartridges or having less stable environments, the Performance DC/Satisfy Carbon Fiber package, also at $3600, would be the better choice. Finally, there is a package with the Magnify tonearm at $5500. This tonearm uses a very sophisticated bearing assembly with both magnetic and mechanical components and will yield superior performance with all types of phono cartridges and environments.

By mixing and matching turntables with a variety of different arms, the user can optimize a turntable to match whatever the system and environment require for best performance. We're always glad to help you decide on the optimal combination for you.


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