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Vol. 9, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2006



ARCAM has announced two very new and exciting products, the DV137 universal disk player ($1,999) and the AVR350 home theater receiver ($2,499).

ARCAM DV137 universal disk playerNot only is the DV137 able to play conventional DVD movies and high-resolution DV-Audio disks, it can also play back the highest of all resolution digital audio formats, SACD, in either 2- or multi-channel modes. Just as exciting is the on-board video scaler that can upsample conventional DVDs to 720P, 1080I, or even 1080P resolutions and can do so with far better overall quality than the scalers included in other players. Couple these features with an on-board video setup wizard for optimizing the video playback parameters of your system and the truly audiophile-quality sound available from the DV137, and you have a player that's going to make your existing DVD collection look and sound better than anything else currently available on the market. ARCAM was among the first companies in the world to develop DVD players for true high performance and now enjoys an enviable reputation for excellence in the field. It is recognized as one of the few specialist manufacturers to design and manufacture its own players from the ground up, rather than remanufacturing an existing product. Using the very latest Zoran Vaddis 888s core processor and ARCAM's broadcast quality circuitry, the picture from the DV137 is, quite simply, stunning. Zoran's motion adaptive de-interlacing techniques mean pictures are pure, clean, and startlingly detailed. The internal video scaling engine allows the DV137 to supply high resolution pictures direct to the screen using its HDMI output. To complement the superior video circuitry, ARCAM's development team has drawn on its 30 years of audiophile design experience. The result is exemplary audio performance, irrespective of the type of disk playing. Ultra-high-precision Wolfson 8740 DACs and low-noise power supplies ensure that CD playback will always be of true audiophile quality and will captivate all who love music. Finally, the DV137 also has a plethora of features that make it easy and convenient to use whether it's installed in a stand-alone system or as part of a multi-room setup.

ARCAM AVR350 AV receiverThe new flagship receiver, the AVR350, likewise adds both audio and video performance enhancements over the AVR300. In the audio area, the AVR350 uses the same, higher-quality op amps that are found in the AVR700 home theater processor. In addition, the AVR350 makes extensive use of ARCAM's “Mask of Silence” technology. The result is that the AVR350 builds on the AVR300's remarkable sound quality by offering better imaging, rhythm stability, and increased levels of fine detail. In the video area, there are two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output that allow digital signals from video sources to be switched by the receiver, along with their respective audio feeds. Video signal paths have sufficient bandwidth to handle 1080P signals. There are 7 channels of 100 watts each, and two of these can be used for second zone audio or to biamp the front loudspeakers if a 7.1 loudspeaker configuration isn't being used. Finally, the superb audio quality of ARCAM AV receivers makes them the first choice for those who value music reproduction as much as movie playback.

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