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Vol. 12, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2009

Welcome to the latest news in audio and home theater from Audio Nexus. We have an unusually large amount of news about new products and brands that have arrived at Audio Nexus since the last newsletter, so this is one of the most informative newsletters we've ever produced. There are new models with small and large improvements over their predecessors, new technologies, some price decreases, and other news from 18 different companies. We can confidently say that state-of-the-art audio and video have improved since our last issue. Just as important, however, is the large number of new, affordably-priced products which bring a very large percentage of that performance to a range which should fit into almost anyone's budget. Here's a quick, "executive" summary of some of the news:

  1. Totem Acoustic has named Audio Nexus as an authorized dealer for their extensive line of beautifully-crafted and sound first loudspeakers. This is the "Go To" line when both musical quality and décor are important.
  2. Anthony Gallo has introduced the Strada monitors at $1998 per pair and a matching center channel at $999. They also replaced the TR-2 subwoofer with a better model, the TR-3.
  3. ARCAM introduced new top-end home theater electronics (receiver, processor, multi-channel power amplifier) that will surely add to their reputation as manufacturers of some of the best sounding HT items in the industry.
  4. Audio Physic loudspeakers really live up to their motto, "No loss of fine detail". Their newest offering in their "High End" line, the Sitara, brings their elegant aesthetics and beautiful sound to a very affordable $4000 per pair.
  5. Audio Research knows, as we do, that CD players of quality are hard to beat when it comes to realistic sound. They replaced their previous state-of-the-art CD player with a new one based on better technology and design. This player really does special things with digital music. They also upgraded the Reference 3 preamplifier to the new Reference 5 and added the Reference Phono 2.
  6. Conrad-Johnson has added three preamplifiers at $1750, $2500, and, finally, a new flagship model of ultimate performance at $20,000. CJ also updated their tube phono preamplifier yet kept the price very reasonable for such a high-quality item, at $2500.
  7. Gingko Audio has made some additions to their vibration control line of products which take into account that some electronics weigh less than 30 pounds. These devices really work!
  8. McCormack Audio has revamped all of their line. They have always produced excellent solid state equipment but the new CD player, preamplifier, stereo power amplifier, and 750 watt/channel monoblock amps are the type of improvements we expect from this quality company.
  9. NAD has made improvements in their home theater and 2 channel stereo line that are too numerous to mention here. If, like us, you respect NAD as a company that offers much more quality then you expect from its cost, read what they have done below, then order yours.
  10. PrimaLuna, the quality-tube-electronics-at-reasonable-price champion, has added to their DiaLogue line with two new stereo power amplifiers and two new monoblock power amplifiers.
  11. Rogue Audio has added Magnum versions of several of their models which nicely elevate their performance. These range from the $1395 Magnum Metis preamplifier to the Magnum Cronus integrated amplifier at $2195. Their excellent M150 monoblock power amplifiers have been updated to the M180 version. They have also added a new preamplifier at $4995 and a new set of 250 watt/channel monoblock power amplifiers at $9995.
  12. Rotel is a company that has, for years, continuously, kept their products at the forefront of affordable electronics. New technology and improved sonics are the hallmarks of their new product lineup. For information on all the new models, including a CD player, power amplifiers, an integrated amp, and home theater receivers and processors, read below.
  13. Runco, known within the movie industry as the best of the best for in-home theater video quality, has introduced new plasma and LCD 1080p models in the 47-inch, 65-inch, and 70-inch sizes. They are also using some exciting and proprietary new technologies to improve the picture you see. There have also been price reductions on selected models.
  14. Simaudio / Moon has not been resting on the recognition received in the past few years. They were able to lower some starting point prices with new models and upgrade their i-3 and Equinox models to the i-3.3 and CD3.3 models. Almost all of their Evolution product series is now in the Stereophile Recommended Components Class-A category. That is a remarkable achievement. Add to that as much as a standard 10-year warranty, and you'll know why we like Simaudio/Moon products.
  15. Sonus faber has come out with a new line of loudspeakers starting at $1298 per pair for the monitors. The line is called "Toy", but don't let that fool you. These Italian speakers have never been toys and have, for many years, produced quality sound.
  16. Vandersteen Audio is a company that has a long-held reputation for releasing new loudspeakers or upgrading existing ones only after extensive development and testing, sometimes over many years. At $1195 per pair, their new wood version of the VLR bookshelf loudspeaker is a welcome addition for those seeking a more conventional look while still getting that famous Vandersteen sound.
  17. VPI has been around for a wonderful 30 years and, in celebration of that anniversary, has introduced a special “$2500 Classic” model turntable that uses many long-established design concepts, updated with modern technology and materials.
  18. Wavelength Audio, with their USB DACs that let you play high-quality music right from your computer, has to represent the newest technology on the block. This is the way to listen to computer-stored music. You can have modern convenience coupled with high quality audio sound starting at $900. This may be the bargain that gets you back to enjoying music, not just listening to sounds.

You can read about all of this and much more in the full newsletter. Happy reading!

By the way, for late-breaking news and important developments between newsletters, please check out Important Bulletins to find out the latest about what's happening at Audio Nexus. If you would like more information on any of the products mentioned here, please feel free to call, stop in, and/or go to the Brand Names & Links page for direct links to the relevant manufacturer's web site.

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