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The following companies manufacture iPod docks and Digital-to-Audio Converters (DACs). You can obtain more information on any of the models by clicking on that manufacturer's link on our Brands & Links page.

A USB digital-to-audio converter (also known as a D/A converter or DAC) is the best-sounding way to access high definition audio files stored on a MAC or PC computer. USB DACs connect to your computer with a USB cable or wirelessly using a USB dongle and send their analog audio outputs directly to your stereo or home theater system while bypassing the cheap, poor quality sound card built into most computers. Special and unique technologies in high-end USB DACs retrieve your audio with extremely low jitter and much higher fidelity than other USB devices available on the market.)
All prices shown are manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) or minimum advertisement price (MAP), as required by our manufacturers. Authorized dealers are not permitted to advertise discount prices.


  • ST60 streamer ($1650)
  • Solo Uno streamer with built-in amplifier ($769)


  • JitterBug USB filter/jitter reducer ($49)
  • Dragonfly Black USB D/A converter ($99)
  • Dragonfly Red USB D/A converter ($199)
  • Dragonfly Cobalt USB D/A converter ($299)
  • Beetle USB/optical D/A converter with Bluetooth ($199)

Balanced Audio Technology

  • REX 3 DAC USB vacuum tube DAC ($20,000)


  • Node high-resolution music streaming player with MQA and many other new features ($599)
  • PowerNode with HDMI high-resolution music streaming player with MQA, built-in power amplifier, and *many other new features ($949)
  • Vault 2i High-resolution music streamer with MQA and built-in music library storage ($1399)
  • Pulse Flex 2i loudspeaker with built-in Bluesound music streaming ($299)
  • Pulse Mini 2i loudspeaker with built-in Bluesound music streaming ($599)
  • Pulse 2i loudspeaker with built-in Bluesound music streaming ($749)
  • Pulse Soundbar+ AV soundbar with built-in bluesound music streamer ($999 in black, $999 in white)
  • Pulse Sub+ subwoofer for use with Pulse soundbar ($749), add $99 for RT100 wireless adapter)

Lehmann Audio

  • Linear USB Headphone amplifier and USB DAC ($1319)
  • Linear D Headphone amplifier and DAC ($1449)

  • C-DAC15.3 single disc CD player and Digital-to-Analog Converter ($549)
  • DAC PRE35.2 Preamplifier and Digital-to-Analog Converter ($1499)


  • DAC 2 wireless USB DAC ($269)
  • C658 BlueOS reamplifier/streamin DAC with MQA, Dirac, and phono ($1999)


  • EVO 100 Digital-to-Analog Converter ($3395)


  • DAC Box E Digital-to-Analog Converter ($119)
  • DAC Box E Mobile Digital-to-Analog Converter ($119)
  • Bluetooth Box E HD Bluetooth DAC/receiver ($159, $165 in white)
  • Bluetooth Box S2 HD Bluetooth DAC/receiver ($249)
  • DAC Box S2+ Digital-to-Analog Converter, Roon tested ($399)
  • Pre Box S2 Digital Stereo preamplifier and DAC ($499)
  • Pre Box RS2 Digital Stereo tube preamplifier with DAC and headphone amplifier($2799)
  • DAC Box RS2 USB 24-bit D/A Converter ($2249)
  • Stream Box S2 Music streaming client ($449)
  • Stream Box S2 Ultra Roon-ready music streaming client ($899)


  • PA-One Tube headphone amplifier with built-in DAC ($1695)
  • VA-One+ Tube headphone amplifier with built-in DAC and 15-watt/channel power amplifier ($1795)


  • MOON 230HAD Headphone amplifier and built-in DAC with DSD capability ($2000)
  • MOON 280D MiND 2 USB D/A converter with DSD capability and built-in streaming($3900)
  • MOON MiND 2 Wireless network streamer with MQA and Roon ($2400)
  • 430HAD Headphone amplifier with built-in DAC with DSD capability ($4800)
  • MOON 650D Single disk CD player and 32-bit USB D/A converter ($9500)
  • MOON 680D USB D/A converter with DSD capability and built-in MiND module ($10,500)
  • MOON 780D V2 USB D/A converter with DSD capability and built-in MiND module ($18,000)

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