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Want to understand more about turntables and phono cartridges? Our Turntable Basics will get you there quickly.

How to set up and use a Music Server that can hold your entire music collection.

How to get started building your Stereo or Home Theater system

I just wanted to thank you for your great service and my new VPI Scout turntable. The table sounds great and you made set up a very simple process. Thanks againM. Giuliano, Maplewood, NJ

"We wanted to let you know how much we love our new Totem Sttaf speakers. The sound is amazing; what a difference from our 41 year old Advents! Thank you for opening our ears to beautiful music."--R. Rabinowitz, Maplewood, NJ

"I feel compelled to thank you once again for suggesting the Vandersteen speakers. I filled the stands with sand, bolted them on, hooked everything up and what I'm hearing is absolutely stunning! Makes me wonder how they'll sound when they're broken in, but already I'm convinced that going to Audio Nexus and dealing with you was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I wanted a great pair of speakers that emphasized sound over elaborate cosmetics, were sensibly priced, and I wanted to purchase them from a dedicated manufacturer and dealer. Reading your testimonials influenced me to come to Audio Nexus, and I hope many more people discover what a real Hi Fi shop is all about. I was willing to spend more than I did, but you never pressured me or tried to up sell me, and I ended up with speakers that exceeded my wildest expectations, at a price I didn't think was possible. Now I can stop reading reviews and get down to listening to the music, which is what it's all about."--S. O'Farrell, Ballston Spa, NY

"This is just a quick note to let you know you were right. I am loving both the Moon 220i integrated amp and 260d CD player which I installed in the basement. I played them during the 1st week with a guest. As we played pool, he commented how he could hear them opening up as they broke in. Quality instruments are a wonder and make cds so much better. I dread a world that's iPod or non-stereo."--Karen P., Upper Saddle River, NJ

"Ken and Gerry-- Thanks for designing such a great system for me. I cant stop listening to my records. I didn't realize what I was missing. My wife and I were so impressed with your honesty and patience."--E. Seidel, Nutley, NJ

"Ken, , just want to thank you for your advice and delivery of my new system. The NAD components and Vandersteen 1Ci loudspeakers are just phenomenal. Kicking myself for not getting a good system earlier in life but sure enjoying it now. Thank you so much!"--M. Bistis, Whitehouse Station, NJ

"Thank you for all of your straightforward and honest advice. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. There's a high end audio shop a half mile from my home in PA, but I hate setting foot in there, as there's always massive and unpleasant pressure to up-sell me on equipment that I have expressed no interest in. Please add a 10 foot pair of the Kimber Kable 4TC speaker cable to my order. It's a pleasure doing business with you."W. Shin, Narberth, PA

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Simaudio Moon 600I integrated Amp. I have recently upgraded from the Moon I3 SE. The sound is incredible. Everything about it is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you again"C. DiPietro, Somerville, NJ

"Ken and Gerry, I would like to thank both of you for helping me, advising me, andsetting up my new Pro-Ject Xpression III. It sounds fantastic! I did not wantto go to sleep last night because I was listening to hours of vinylthat never sounded so good. From Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, from thepiano solos of George Winston, the whiskey soaked growl of Tom Waitsto the thundering drums of Smashing Pumpkins, I was in aural ecstasy! The sound is warm and clear, exactly what I was hoping toaccomplish! Beyond that, you guys seem to be two very awesome guys. I will, without a doubt, be in touch in the future when I decide toupgrade. Thank you both very much! You have made alifelong customer in me! I am also recommending you to anyone whoasks!!! Have a great week and thank you both so much! Talk to you soon."J. Melchionne, Nutley, NJ

"I wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the purchase that I made. The PrimaLuna Classic integrated amplifier and NAD C565BEE CD player are a real upgrade. I want to thank you for your help that, throughout, was considerate of my needs and also for fair prices. It is always encouraging to meet a person with integrity."--H. Yerushalmi, Springfield, NJ

"The Sonus faber Elipsas arrived late yesterday in perfect shape. No issues at all. Finally got them unboxed and hooked up last evening for a first hear. First listen was remarkable. My previous speakers were always musical and totally out-of-the-box but with, what I now realize were some anomalies as well. The Elipsas truly do speak to the heart as well as the mind. Piano, guitar, stringed instruments, and vocals are delicately nuanced with spectacular timbre and pitch from an inky black background with noticeably improved ambiance, air, and involvement with the musicians. Some of that may be due to going from an 86 db to a 91 db speaker, but most of it is due to the very capable sound craftsmen at Sonus faber. As I improved the front-end part of my system, I always heard improvements through my old speakers. Now the Elipsas allow their full potential. It is like having a whole new collection of CDs and Vinyl. Thank you again for your sterling recommendation. Exceeded my expectations, and I still have more to come as the speakers break in."--J. Simmonds, Anchorage, AK

"My Clearaudio Emotion/Satisfy CMB turntable arrived Wednesday, but my work schedule had not allowed me to do more than open the box. This morning I put it together, and it sounds superb. I absolutely LOVE this table!!! I wanted to thank you for your professional help and wonderful service. Please thank everyone involved, especially the person who set up the table to allow me a plug an play installation.You have won me for all future purchases, and I am already telling others about you and your great service. Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!"--M. Shearin, Canton, GA

"I want you to know how happy I am with the audio system I purchased from you. I truly appreciate your service, advice, and guidance on how to purchase a great system. Your clear definitions and explanations of how a balanced system needs to perform and how to buy the right components was not overselling but selling appropriately to a receptive customer who was going to spend a good amount of money. The Vandersteen speakers and McCormack amplifier, preamp, and CD player were clearly revealed to be what you described. Your guidance on buying the correct cables is appreciated, too. I appreciate the courtesy and patience you extended in allowing me to spend hours listening to recordings that I brought to the store to get a real definition of the equipments dynamics. Everything about doing business with you and Audio Nexus, including your reasonable pricing, was high end, which makes this sizeable purchase completely fulfilling and satisfying. Thank you."--J. Foley, Far Hills, NJ

"I'm Italian, and I purchased a pair of Vandersteen Signature Mk. II loudspeakers at Audio Nexus. Ken, you are a great dealer and a great man. I wish to give you my sincere compliments from Italy about the professionalism, the seriousness, and the responsibility that characterize your work . The Vandersteens are great, great speakers and go straight to the heart of the music. Absolutely recommended."--V. ieracitano, Italy

"I wanted to give you some very positive feedback. The combination of the PrimaLuna Prologue 8, Dialogue 2, and Audio Physic Tempo's is simply beautiful! The sound is rich and warm, yet with great detail...hands down the most enjoyable system I've owned. I could listen to this system for hours and enjoy every second. Regarding my other system, I'm using the Rogue Audio Magnum 99 preamp with the newly purchased Audio Research VS55 amp driving Krell Resolution 3 speakers. If you recall, I was previously using a Krell KAV250a amp and I wasn't happy with the harsh sound I was hearing. Well, the sound with the AR VS55 is anything but harsh. I am now hearing warmth and detail...completely non-fatiguing sound that is almost as glorious to hear as my PrimaLuna/audio physic system. I am happy to have traded away the sheer grunt of 250 watts/channel of Krell power for the sweet sound of the AR. I am more excited to come home from work and listen to music then I have been in a long time. Thank you very much, for facilitating the trade-ins and for your excellent equipment recommendations. It's always nice doing business with you!"--D. Rosen, East Brunswick, NJ

"Thank you for the best customer service ever! I am so glad I walked through your doors a few years back. After years of buying high end gear from stereo shops in the area and getting the old "hit and run" installation and customer service that was non-existent with most calls not returned, general unhelpfulness, and, the final straw - NO JOKE - an amp repair that took 8 MONTHS(!!), I finally had to try someone new. Thank god I found Audio Nexus. I have never been more satisfied with service - EVER! Any question, any problem, from a remote control question to a component repair and upgrade, has been dealt with quickly and with constant communication and updates. I did not expect this Four Seasons concierge level of customer service, but you provided it WITHOUT ME EVER ASKING! A thousand thank yous for your help - worth every dollar and more. See you soon."--M. Shapiro, South Orange, NJ

"Ken, thank you. I appreciate your expertise and your candor. Most of all, I appreciate your humanity. There are many audio salons out there that cater to the audiophile hobbyist. What you offer is more than just product lines. You offer solutions and common sense that enhance your clients' ability to effect informed decisions. At first I thought that you were using Jedi mind tricks (you do kind of remind me of Obi-Wan). But no, it was no trick. You just seem to know what your customers are looking for and how to help them achieve it. I never felt like you were trying to sell me something, it felt more like you're trying to make me happy. That's it! That's your secret. You behave more like a friend than a used-car-salesman! You actually care about people, and I think people prefer to do business with a friend. "--G. Osai, Brooklyn, NY

"Ken and Gerry, Thanks so much for all of your help in putting together my new stereo system. You both took the time to make sure I was happy hearing all of the possible setups in my price range. My choices, the Rotel RT-1084 HD AM/FM tuner, Rotel RCD-1072 CD player, Simaudio Moon I-3 amplifier, and Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1 loudspeakers are really mind blowing! I now can really hear all of the music in my collection with clarity and vibrancy. My wife and I set up the system with ease and are now enjoying this great system. Thanks again for all of your help, and anyone considering Audio Nexus should feel at ease using this outstanding business."--M. Butler, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"First, let me start by saying that I am NOT an "audiophile", I'm just a guy who has always loved music. Also, I always thought the stuff you could by from the Highway stores was about the best there was! After all, it WAS a step up from K-Mart, right? Well, a few months ago I was reading a stereo magazine, and there was a recommendation for some budget-priced hi-fi equipment from a company called "NAD". I never heard of them before, so I went on their website and found that there was a dealer right in Summit, NJ, (where I live). Since I was looking for a new CD player anyway, I figured I might as well go to the dealer and talk to someone about this company. There I met Ken, and I told him that I was a little skeptical about all these manufacturers' claims that said how great their stuff sounded and how much better it was from the highway stores' stuff. Ken assured me that I would not be disappointed by the sound of the NAD CD player. Well, he was right. That CD player unlocked musical nuances that I never heard before. I was enjoying old CDs again as if hearing them for the first time. I guess you could say I had an epiphany. I now wanted to upgrade my whole stereo. I figured that if the CD player could make such a big difference, then what would it sound like if I changed everything? Ken steered me to just the right combination of gear to get me to the level of sound quality I wanted and all within the budget I could afford. Well, here's the low-down, and let me tell you, this stuff sounds GREAT! CD player- NAD C542, preamplifier- NAD C162, amplifier- NAD C272, loudspeakers- Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures, interconnects- Kimber Kable Timbre, and rounding it out are a pair of Kimber Kable 4VS bi-wire speaker cables. Ahh, sonic nirvana! I highly recommend Audio Nexus for anyone even remotely serious about high quality sound. These guys are great. Ken and Gerry are pros and experts in the field of hi-fi. Go see them; you wont be disappointed. Thanks guys."--S. Bailey, Summit, NJ

"Hey, I'm sure you remember me. I'm Mike, the college guy who took a road trip all the way from Pennsylvania to you guys to purchase an NAD C320 Integrated Amp and an NAD 521BEE CD Player, and who also promised to leave you a testimonial. But its been three months and no testimonial. well, the problem is I hooked up the two pieces of equipment and began listening and haven't left my room for three months! I forgot about college, my girlfriend, and the entire outside world, oh well!!!! Hopefully, they declared me missing so I can spend the rest of my life listening to my new system!!! LOL!! Nah...honestly though.... I wish I could spend so much more time listening to the system. I don't even watch TV much any more. it is so awesome to be able to listen to my favorite albums through equipment that I know is providing me with what the artist intended. I no longer flip through tracks, I listen to an entire album as a "story book", so to speak. Anyway, to anyone who reads this, these guys are awesome, a little shop with very, very friendly guys who made me feel like I was at home, not like the darn stores that can care less whether you enjoy your music or not. I had bad experiences elsewhere online and decided to go to NAD's site and find their authorized dealers. Then I called Ken and Gerry and ordered my pieces of equipment. When they came in, I made a road trip, albeit a very enjoyable one, and picked up the equipment which was 110% flawless. I am actually listening to the Grateful Dead through it as I write this!!! Thanks a TON again guys. I deeply appreciate the way you guys run your business, and want you to know you are far ahead and apart from the rest."--M. Thompson, Milton, PA

"Was playing some albums today on the new system and wanted you to know how much I really enjoyed listening to them. The sound was so great it almost brought tears to my eyes as I listened to very special recordings. I cannot possibly describe to you the tremendous pleasure it is giving me and wanted to thank you for making it possible for me. Thank you for who you are."--A. Zdenek, Jr., NY, NY

"Just thought I would drop you a note to say thank you again. Every time I listen to my new system I am just totally amazed. With high quality LP's and the TNT HR now in the system I have never heard a more 3D sound stage. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime."--T. Plachya, Pleasantville, NY

"My system has never sounded this balanced; it's never sounded this good. The best investment I've made for years was a train ticket to Summit, NJ. I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to my situation and to recreate my space limitations and play a choice of speakers that would work best in it. I truly enjoyed your hospitality, knowledgable advice, and patience. I chose to go to your store not only because of the great selection of equipment but also because of the testimonials on your website. They were all true. You gentlemen are excellent, and I left feeling no regrets, only high praises for the conversations and service. I will not hesitate to recommend your store to others, and I will absolutely do my upgrading with you."--C. Van Wright, New York, NY

"We would like to say thanks again for the time and service extended to us on Saturday. Even though it was a busy day for both of you, at no time did we feel pressured, rushed, or uncomfortable in your establishment. Gerry, thanks for the conversation and advice. We are looking forward to receiving our new BAT components."--K. Snyder, Hamburg, PA

"Gerry & Ken, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my turntable. I listened to it all weekend and I'm finally getting the sound I expected when I bought the unit. The Black Diamond pucks provide the isolation level I needed so I no longer have to tip-toe around the room when playing a record. It is a real pleasure dealing with people who are true audio enthusiasts and, more importantly, are willing to spend as much time as it takes to discuss issues and solutions. Thanks again for an outstanding job. I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship with you and your business."--W. Smith, Whitehouse Station, NJ

"Customer Service. It's a common buzzword today that many businesses claim to offer but few deliver. Ken Gould and Gerry Goldberg at Audio Nexus are the exceptions to the rule, delivering superb customer service. From visiting their showroom to the selection process of assembling a fine stereo system with many changes and upgrades, to purchasing, delivery and installation, Ken and Gerry offered friendly and helpful advice. They are knowledgeable audiophiles and love music, imparting years of invaluable experience. Unlike the staff at most chain and specialty stores, Ken and Gerry were patient, listening to what you want from a high fidelity system. Surprisingly, many products offered are not much more expensive than mass-market merchandise. We are lucky to own a stereo system that not only offers accurate sound reproduction but depth and soundstage. Visit Audio Nexus today where you are treated special."--J. Mandel, Union, NJ

"Last Saturday I ordered an NAD PP-2 Phono pre-amp from you folks. It arrived yesterday, and it is quite a nice little product. I am pleased. I am also very pleased with the fast, courteous service for such a small item. Thank you for the excellent service. If I ever have the chance to recommend you folks to a friend, I surely will."--B. Magerman, Bethlehem, PA

"I am so pleased, right out of the box the ARCAM CD player is phenomenal. All the definition I was missing has returned, but more importantly, with a warm depth and spaciousness and not a harsh or shrilly sound. It is so nice to have decent sound again. I even tested it against the Pioneer Pro Elite DVR Recorder/Player. The ARCAM makes that sound like a toy. I can now fully appreciate my System Audios. Thank you for being there over the past 2 years. Your knowledge, experience, confidence without arrogance, and patience have enriched my life more than I can tell you. THANK YOU! I cant wait to get my Fanfare tuner next week."--A. Strassburger, Little Silver, NJ

"I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my satisfaction with the home theater system I purchased some two years ago has not faded. My wife and I enjoy the high quality audio play back of our CD's and DVD soundtracks, and even our turntable has a second lease on life when played through this system. Thanks for your assistance along the way.--T. Caines, Newton, NJ

"I'm one of those guys people ask for advice about audio. You know the kind: deep into some hobby or another, say cameras or backpacking, who you go to when you're interested. After a very positive personal experience with Audio Nexus I sent a friend -- one who'd sworn off audio after getting the patented NYC "visual credit check" -- to Audio Nexus. My friend came back happy. Over the last dozen years I have recommended more than thirty people to Audio Nexus and each, browsers and buyers alike, has reported back on a pleasant experience that combined listening (and how few audio sales people know how!), learning and discovery. Yes, a lot of dealers carry different combinations of good gear. But very few can serve as true guides to musical satisfaction. Highly recommended!"--R. Gold, Troy, MI

"I've been an Audio Nexus customer since 1987, and drive 75 miles to their Summit store from my home in Southern Jersey. I consider their advice, knowledge, service, and insights first-rate, and their audiophile equipment a joy to the ears! Ken Gould and Jeff Gottlieb are pros who care about giving you the very BEST sound to fit your budget. Nexus is WELL worth my long drive to audition and buy the best!"--E. Godwin, Willingboro, NJ

"My experience at Audio Nexus has rekindled my interest in audio and -- more importantly -- helped me to njoy music in a new way. I have found Ken and Jeff to have a genuine enthusiasm and integrity about what they do, as well as a talent for bringing together pieces that offer real musical value at the price point. I am always happy to tell my friends about Audio Nexus."--J. Baxley, Esq., Summit, NJ

"Ken and Jeff are professional audio dealers who offer decades of professional learning and experience in helping customers select sound equipment, whether a single component or entire system. They have an intuitive sense that allows them, when asked, to recommend what equipment and accessories go best with other equipment. Both men spend considerable time listening to live music, and they respect their customers' ears and tastes. If you are worried about prices in an audio store compared to the discount megastores, your very real savings is in the knowledge that your purchases are of the best quality equipment in the price range and best match to what you already own. Audio Nexus is not about hype and the latest fad; it is about the best and the most satisfying quality of music reproduction available from reputable companies."--J. Iredell, New York, NY

"Jeff and Ken at Audio Nexus are the brightest and most knowledgeable guys I've ever met in the audio/video industry. They really went the extra mile in helping me customize the system that was perfect for my needs. I just couldn't be happier with the equipment and service they provided."--Dr. J. Bartlett, Chatham, NJ

"What can I say about Audio Nexus? Well, for starters, I've been a customer of Audio Nexus for at least twelve years. During that time I've bought everything from the lowest priced headphones to the top of the line electronics. Each purchase has been more fun than the last because Ken and Jeff make sure I get exactly what I want. How do they know what I want? They ask questions. They want to know what I listen to the most. They take their time with me. They let me know why I might prefer one product over another, regardless of cost. Basically, Audio Nexus makes it easy, fun and satisfying, and that's what audio is all about."--M. Powers, Fort Collins, CO

"Ken and Jeff of Audio Nexus are extremely capable from a technical viewpoint. But what is more important is that they truly want each customer to obtain the proper system for the customer's needs and preferences. Ken and Jeff will work patiently with each customer to obtain that magical system."--A. Fershing,Esq., Short Hills, NJ

"Thanks again for your patience and personal service on my new stereo system. Congrats on your super WEB page! Especially great are your links to the WEB pages of your high-end equipment suppliers. I was able to access information on a variety of stereo equipment, including technical specs and independent reviews of models that interested me, all in a short period of time. Good luck and well wishes with your expanding business!"--J. Moores, Convent Station, NJ

"I have been a customer of Audio Nexus for over 15 years. Thanks to Ken's and Jeff's keen ears and deep knowledge of great equipment, I have been able to assemble as superb a system as possible within my budget constraints. Each new piece of equipment has added to the enjoyment of great music. A great place for listening, learning and buying."--D. Perry, Austin, TX

"It is exciting to think the system will be in place in about two weeks. When, soon, my wife and I feel lonely because our daughter has gone away to school in Arizona, we will try to find solace in beautiful sounding music. Thank you for your helpful service."--M. Berman, New York, NY

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