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Vol. 14, No. 1 Spring/Summer, 2011

Welcome to the latest news in audio and home theater from Audio Nexus. We have much fascinating news about new products that have been released since the last newsletter and new brands for which we have become dealers. The number of companies that are introducing new technologies or "filtering down" very high-end technologies into more affordable products is larger than ever before. Other brands are offering improved versions of their products without any price increases. As a result, we're seeing levels of performance that were, formerly, only available at much higher prices. It's also quite gratifying to see how some high-end companies are adopting new technologies, such as wireless, but modifying and upgrading them to achieve new capabilities and convenience without sacrificing sound quality.

Both stereo and home theater are bursting with new items and significant revisions of existing products that, no matter what your budget, will improve on what you have and make music and video entertainment more…well…entertaining and enjoyable. Think you don't have the ability to tell the good equipment from the mediocre or old products from new, more advanced models? We can tell you that 99% of the people who say this are amazed at how much happier they are with the improvements they get from up-to-date components. Time marches on, improvements are made, and your enjoyment increases. Most of the time people find the new equipment sounds so much better that they are transformed from an occasional listener to someone who has music playing almost all of the time. That's just plain good for the soul.

Here's a quick, "executive" summary of some of the news. If you want to skip the summery, you can go directly to the Table of Contents for the complete articles.


  1. Mystère- This new brand comes with the very high credentials of multi-award winning PrimaLuna as they come from the same parent company. Mystère's tube gear includes two integrated amplifiers, two preamplifiers, and two power amplifiers, ranging from $1995 to $2995. They are a sweet move into tubes for anyone running solid state or lesser tube gear.
  2. ARCAM - ARCAM now has a wireless version of their USB DAC so you can have your computer music server located far away from your audio system. This can make using a music server much more convenient and aesthetically acceptable. In addition, they introduced their first Blue-ray player and a lower priced home theater receiver. These are welcome new additions from this quality company.
  3. Audio Physic - This excellent loudspeaker manufacturer introduced a 25th Anniversary line last year. The new models have seriously better performance than the older ones they replaced. These were so successful that now they have extended those new concepts to many more models. All of the new 25th anniversary models sound superb. The Step 25, Sitara 25, Scorpio 25, Celsius 25 and Avantera V are now added to the Virgo 25 and Tempo 25 as part of this significantly-improved line.
  4. Audio Research - Building on the success of their previous models, ARC has introduced additional Class-D power amplifiers with all the quality in build and sound you would expect from this world-class manufacturer. Also, the new Reference 150 and 250 power amplifiers replace the REF110 and 210, respectively. The LS27 preamplifier replaces the LS26. For those that heard the exceptional sound of the previous models, ARC's statement is, yes, we have made it even better.
  5. Gingko Audio - Isolation platforms by Gingko Audio can now be had for the very low price of $150 in the form of the new Semi-Cloud. From our experiences, and those of our customers, these isolation platforms work very well under many different components.
  6. NAD - Here's a smart idea from NAD: home theater receivers that are modular so that they can be easily upgraded when changes occur, such as different audio or video decoding methods. Why dump a perfectly good receiver and buy a new one for new features when you can buy one now and just upgrade it, if and when needed? NAD has introduced several other new products as well, the C356BEE integrated-amplifier at just $799, the C426 tuner, and the compact music system, the VISO Three with iPod dock, which is great for a bedroom, den, office, or kitchen.
  7. Pro-Ject - With the addition of several lower priced turntables that are still made with quality audio engineering and design features, Pro-Ject opens the door even further for those finding records a thoroughly enjoyable way to listen to music.
  8. Quad - A company that has been around successfully for a very long time can get complacent, but not Quad. To complement their wonderful line of electrostatic and dynamic loudspeakers, they have redesigned their electronic components producing the Elite series. This consists of a preamplifier, a power amplifier, a pair of mono-block power amplifiers, and two CD players. Prices in this group range from $1150 to $2200, making the Elite series a bargain by many standards.
  9. Rogue Audio - A new high-performance phono preamplifier from Rogue Audio called the Ares comes in at $1995 and can truly improve the sound of vinyl.
  10. Rotel - Internet radio is here in full glory from Rotel's design team. They offer two models, a separate tuner and a fully-integrated receiver with built in CD player, amplifier, preamplifier, and Internet radio tuner. Having trouble finding stations you like that come in clearly? These products will give you thousands of stations in all genres that come in clearly. While there are many Internet radios out there, this pair from Rotel produces sound quality at a much higher level. That's why we listen to one in the store all the time.
  11. Runco - Runco simply makes some of the best video products in the world. To some consumers they may be the best kept secret in video. To directors and producers who have to view movies with all the realistic detail, clarity, and color as seen in a movie theater, they are known as the best. Made in the United States, these are the ones to go to when you want the best video projectors and flat panels.
  12. Salamander Designs - They have added nine new models and many new sizes to their Chameleon line of pre-assembled furniture. In addition to their beautiful looks, all of these offerings will surprise you by how well they are made to handle home theater and audio equipment.
  13. Simaudio/Moon - A new phono preamplifier at $599, a new USB DAC at $599, and a new CD player/DAC at $7995 are the latest new models from this company. In addition to superb sound, they give you an unbelievable 10 year warranty on almost all of their products. Good build, great sound, and solid value make for a winning combination.
  14. Sonus faber - Sonus faber has loudspeakers at many different price points. However, in all cases, the technology is derived from their top-of-the-line, highly regarded loudspeakers like "The Sonus faber", the Homage series, and the Cremona series. This time, they've added to the Homage series with the stunning Amati Futura. No matter what price range you're in, you can never go wrong considering Sonus faber loudspeakers for your system.
  15. Totem Acoustic - A new line called Element has been introduced, along with the Tribe V on-wall, and Thunder II subwoofer, from this Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer. Element loudspeakers range from $5995 to $12,995 per pair, and the Tribe V and Thunder II are $2750 and $2195, respectively.
  16. Vandersteen Audio - Let's hear it for their flagship Model 7 loudspeakers, for Vandersteen has already begun to introduce some of that technology into their other loudspeakers. The new Model 5A Carbon, which was just added to the line, does this by using the Model 7's midrange driver. Vandersteen Audio goes one step further by offering this improvement as an available upgrade to those who already own regular Model 5A loudspeakers (which will continue to be produced). It's nice to know your investment in sound doesn't go away; it can just get better.
  17. VPI They have been the turntable manufacturer to reckon with for many years because they produce turntables at many price levels that offer exceptional design qualities and excellent value. Add to that the fact that the turntables are made right here in New Jersey (which eliminates import duties and global transportation costs), and you have a very nice package. There are now three Classic models starting at $2750 (a great bargain in high quality, analog audio) and going up to $6000. Additionally VPI has added the Scout II at $2200.
  18. Wavelength Audio - With newly engineered 24/192 models and upgrades for current owners of older models, this designer and manufacturer of USB DACs knows all about getting music off your computer and into your sound system so it sounds right. Their USB DACs start at $900 and are cutting edge in all price ranges.

You can read about all of this and much more in the full newsletter. Happy reading!

By the way, for late-breaking news and important developments between newsletters, please check out Important Bulletins to find out the latest about what's happening at Audio Nexus. If you would like more information on any of the products mentioned here, please feel free to call, stop in, and/or go to the Brand Names & Links page for direct links to the relevant manufacturer's web site.

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