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Vol. 22, No. 1 Fall/Winter, 2019/2020


Kimber Kable

Kimber Kable Carbon interconnect


This premier cable manufacturer has introduced their new Carbon Series interconnect and loudspeaker cables. There are both RCA and XLR versions of the interconnects, and 3 models of loudspeaker cables, the Carbon 8, Carbon 16, and Carbon 18XL. As with all other cables from this company, positive and negative conductors are inter-braided to reduce inductance (which extends high-frequency response) and helps shield from unwanted external electromagnetic noise. In the Carbon models, electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer reduces mechanically induced electrical noise and improves the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric. Carbon provides a natural sound profile without being excessively bright or overly dark. The Carbon 8 (13 gauge ) is perfect for smaller bookshelf models as its design places very little mechanical stress on smaller stand mounted designs while still providing enough conductor mass to drive the loudspeakers easily. The Carbon 16 (9 gauge) is an excellent match for larger monitors and floor-standing loudspeakers. The Carbon 18XL is even more sophisticated with a combination of a braided geometry to optimize the reactance profile and a central, non-twisted parallel, straight run (shortest distance between two points) to minimize DC resistance for wide bandwidth and optimal amplifier damping. This yields lightning fast transients and unrestricted upper ranges. The outermost sleeving is also carbon doped to reduce charge accumulation on the outer surface of the cable. It is perfect for high current, wide bandwidth applications.

Kimber Kable Carbon 18XL loudspeaker cable inside view

The interconnect cables are similarly-designed to the Carbon 8 with 8, 19.5 gauge braided conductors with a seamless braided transition to right and left RCA or XLR connectors. They are an optimal analog interconnect for sources, preamplifiers and amplifiers.

Kimber Kable Select USB Hybrid cable




Kimber Kable has also replaced their prior Select line of USB cables with the new Select KS-USB Copper, KS-USB Hybrid (copper/silver), and the KS-USB Silver models.

They have taken material and design concepts from both their Axios USB cable and their earlier versions of the Kimber Select Line (KS2416, KS2426, and KS2436) and created a cable that surpasses both the performance and the fit and finish of the predecessors. Details about the construction and components of these new USB cables include:

  • Greatly improved -/+ data pair with low density PTFE dielectric. The copper version uses silver plated copper and the HB and AG models use pure silver data pairs with pigment free PTFE dielectric. The data pair shielding is circumferentially bonded to the connector shell using pure, 0.003” thick silver foil for low RF impedance to ground. This is true for all models.
  • Copper and Hybrid models use copper conductors for the 5v DC line while the Silver model uses pure silver conductors for the 5V DC line.
  • By virtue of this robust new conductor design GEN 2 will function flawless even at 6 meter lengths.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers are braided with the data and power conductors to maintain consistent geometry and greatly improve the durability. These special fibers are the same semi-crystalline polymers that have been trusted for decades by surgeons when performing total joint replacements for their mechanical properties and toughness/durability.
  • Hand-finished wood shells are crafted from blood wood and gaboon ebony.


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